Filipino Superheroes!

Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Jun 21, 2008.

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    In my son's copy of The Invincible Iron Man #2, on the stands now, they introduce the Triumph Division, superheroes of the Philippines:

    Red Feather
    St. George
    Mighty Mother
    Fighter One
    The Wishing Man
    The Great Mongoose

    (described as: "The finest heroes the Philippines have to offer..."). Fighter One looked like a karateka to me.

    Sorry to say they're all killed two pages later.
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  3. Buwaya

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    I just googled some pages. Uh...why does it look the like the Pinoy Super team is greeted by Thai Buddhist Monks? Doesn't Marvel know we're a mostly Catholic country?
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  5. arnisador

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    There's a very brief reappearance of (the next iteration of) this group in Invincible Iron Man #4, on the stands now. It talks about what's special about superheroes in the Phil. (a family tradition in a long legacy). They may just "get it" at Marvel!
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    Are there Philippines comic book imprints, or do you only get U.S. and Japanese imports?
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    Our superheros would be:
    Captain Barbell
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    Kuwaiti Entrepreneur Hopes to Create the Next Pokémon

    The slideshow indicates that the Filipina superheroine is:

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    The latest is Gagambino.
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    gagamboy is better than gagambino.
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    The Balut in a Superhero’s Underpants


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