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Discussion in 'General' started by Bob Hubbard, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. The Phalanx

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    Hahaha Balut... I always laugh when a Filipino tells a non-Filiino that it's a rite of passage to eat one... Just another way for a good laugh... I'll eat it... It's alright... Idk what's the big bruhaha about it cause there are far weirder foods in the Philippines than balut...

    As far as Filipino foods go... I can have a list...

    -Silit(Pig intestines, only in PI I had good silit, Hawai'i can't do it right)

    -Iskabichi(Lapulapu fish cooked in a sweet and sour sauce)

    -Puso(Rice cooked in coconut leaves)

    -Lambanog(Coconut vodka)

    Among other things that most people who are not Filipino have never heard of... We all know the usual pinakbit and dinuguan dishes... But there are way more exotic dishes that are only seen in PI...
  2. TheSilentOne

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    Please don't take this the wrong way. I think I would like something that is more within normal Western tastes. I don't want to be eating the tail of an oxen or any strange animal body parts. Another people are able to do that but I don't think I would be able to do that. Thank you. :D
  3. caloy925

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    I like Balut it taste just like a hard boiled egg except for the hard part at the bottom, i just dont eat that..LOL
  4. pguinto

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    I hear ya, but you have to define normal Western tastes considering that in some parts of the united states, people eat rattlesnake, squirrel, pidgeon, dove, frog legs, venison (bambi), elk, bear, not to mention the ever so sweet rocky mountain oysters.......... roflmao.

    You can make kare kare with beef (round or sirloin cut). However if you dont want to use oxtail, you will have to use beef knuckles instead to get the consistency of the stock right, similar to making regular beef stew. It's simply a peanut-based (or peanutbutter) beef stew. A decent recipe can be found here.

    For adobo, i prefer to use oregano instead of bay leaves or a mixture of both, as well as both cracked and uncracked peppercorns. Also for the healthly minded, include some tofu. More importantly, drain all the oil/fat before serving - pinoys everywhere are gasping, lol. Hey, it's American Adobo.

    As for balut, just toss the bird, the rest of it is good, sprinkle some salt and its like eating a hard boiled egg; chicken, duck, quail, what's the diff?
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    That Bulalo recipe looks really good. I'll have to see if I can find a butcher that will chop up some marrow for me...can't wait to try it.
  6. pguinto

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    Vegan Afritada by JayAr


    Funny clip i found on youtube,
    Ilocano Food with Uncle Eddie
  7. The Phalanx

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    That afritada looks bland with the ingredients he's using... And that Ilocano food that they're showing looks like something I would avoid...

    *sigh* I miss real Tagalog and Visayan food... I was never a proponent of Iocano style of cooking... Idk, that's just me...
  8. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    One great Filipino food is lechon... And there is ONLY one place that makes them right... In Talisay Cebu... ONLY Talisay Cebu, others can't even compare...
  9. kuntawguro

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  10. The Phalanx

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  11. arnisador

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    That's Mariah, a young American stickfighting competitor under Bong Jornales. Her blog is entitled ESKRIMADORA.
  12. The Phalanx

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    Pretty fluid movement... She would make an excellent Dog Brother or Dog Sister or whatever you call a woman in the Dog Brothers...
  13. Dawn

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    Have any of you tried the pinikpikang manok (aka "killing me softly) ? It's a kind of chicken soup but the bird was umm, tortured before cooking. They say lightly tapping the chicken all over until the blood vessels near the skin rupture and the bird weakens and dies from it will bring out more of the flavor. I tried it once in Baguio City, didn't like it, but I'm not sure now if it's just me or if it just wasn't cooked properly.

    Next time you visit the Philippines I strongly recommend you try Sisig. It's the pig's ears and scalp (the soft cartileges, but some recipes add pork liver), or any part of the pig's head. It's minced into tiny pieces, flavored with garlic onion pepper chili soy sauce vinegar, and cooked on a sizzling plate. Break an egg over it and sprinkle with calamansi juice before eating. Great for pulutan (drinking sessions), but good with rice too.
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    It's been too long since someone's added a recipe here!
  15. sneha

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    Thanks for posting. Sometimes I rely get amazed that how people are willing to help each other by giving so much knowledge just for free. I must say forums are the best place to learn things.
  16. Bob Hubbard

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    Visited the Bay areas this past week, ended up eating at TRIBU GRILL in Union City, CA. Had the Bagoong Rice, and Chicken mami. Not bad at all.

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