Filipino Psychic Surgeons proved to be genuine by Patrick Hamouy

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    Filipino Psychic Surgeons proved to be genuine by Patrick Hamouy

    We all know that it is impossible for anybody to penetrate a person’s body using bare hands. However, Psychic Surgeons in the Philippines do just that. In order for their hands to penetrate the body, there must be a change at cellular level. This change is also necessary to allow the surgery to take place without the patient bleeding to death and also to allow the wound to close without any scar or mark.

    This change however means that sometimes when the blood is analysed; it comes up as “watery plasma”, animal blood or something that cannot be recognised. It has sometimes been described as a type of Pig’s blood. We know that the pig is the closest animal to man, in terms of organs.. This is why in modern medicine, researchers are trying to use pig’s heart for transplant and are also doing tests using pig’s liver to filter human blood. A frightening thought actually when we know tat we pick up some of the memories and emotions of the person whose organ we receive!

    The blood in Psychic Surgery is not from pigs but it is the person’s blood that has been modified by the strong healing powers of the Bare Hand Surgeon in order for their hands to penetrate the body. Similar changes may take place for cysts or tumours when removed.

    In his book “The Magicians of God”, James Licauco refers to this phenomenon for arguably the 2 most famous Filipino healers:

    1 - When talking about Tony Agpaoa, Licauco mentions that he was tested, analysed and experimented on by foreign scientists all over the world on many occasions. However, sometimes, the tissues analysed were declared genuine and on other occasions, the tissues were declared to be some “other substances”. On one occasion, the blood sent for analysis to Switzerland was discribed to be sheep’s blood. Sheep is not indigenous to the Philippines. Would Tony have been vicious enough to import sheep’s blood from abroad in order to trick people as opposed to using the blood of a local animal? Unlikely!

    Despite this, the more serious scientists declared him to be absolutely genuine and reported the miraculous cures authentic. Some of the scientist who reported him genuine are Sigrun Seutemann, a physician from West Germany, Dr Alfred Stelter, another German physicist and chemist, Dr Lyall Watson, a Biologist from South Africa, Dr Hiroshi Motoyoma, head of the Religious Psychology Institute in Japan, the American researchers Harold Sherman and George Meek , and many, many more.

    2- Jun Labo, one of the most flamboyant Bare Hand Surgeon in the Philippines was put in a Russian jail with his 2 assistants in September 1998. A father had complained that he had not been able to cure his son. The blood analysed was reported to be cow’s blood.

    Jun actually told me what really happened on that occasion. A Russian man was interested in learning Psychic Surgery and ad paid Jun $20,000 to learn. After a set period of time, the Russian who was still unable to perform Psychic Surgery accused Jun to be a fake. Jun reimbursed him the $20,000 but was still put in jail as this Russian man had powerful connections. Jun was released 3 months later and no charges were ever recorded against him and no record of a complaint against Jun appears on any paper in Russia today. Wiped out!

    Many scientists including Dr Alfred Stelter, Dr Norman Shealy, a neuroscientist and head of the Pain Rehabilitation Clinic in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Dr Elmer Green, Director of the Menninger foundation in Topeka, Kansas and many others had previously declared that tissues extracted by Jun were genuine human tissues.

    A film of the various tests that were made by doctors on Jun Labo was shot in 1977. In this film, staring actor Burt Lancaster, doctors confirmed that Jun Labo is genuine. One week after its release the film was banned!!!

    Donald McDowall author of “Healing Doorway to the Spiritual World” and “Psychic Surgery” sent me the following story when I asked him about blood analysis:

    “As for pig’s blood. It is almost identical to Human Blood. Check the profile with the local veterinarian. That is why they use pig’s organs in so much research for genetic transplantation. You can only tell the difference with very intricate lab testing. Beyond the scope of most labs. Much of the blood cannot be identified. I think this is due to the materialisation process.

    Lastly, the labs can be prejudiced. When they know the source of the tissue they seem to prejudice the reports.

    I had the same thing happen to me with a patient who had kidney stones analysed. The stones that were extracted by the Psychic surgeon in one single operation were sent to two labs. One with the source (Bare Hand Surgery) and the other not. The first was described as a stone of volcanic origin and the second as consistent with a kidney stone!!!”

    I have over the past few years, taking groups to the Philippines, had people who were so dumfounded by what they saw that they refused to believe their eyes. One lady who will remain nameless kept shaking her head in a negative way for the duration of her stay. She could not believe what her eyes were seeing. Even when the Psychic Surgeon asked her to insert her fingers up to the knuckles into her husband’s body to remove diseased tissue did she still query the validity of the surgery. Her doubts eventually caught up with her. She came back to England and turned everything negative. The last I heard was that her own tumours had come back and that she was very sick. The mind has such power that I believe she re-generated her tumours.

    I asked Bare Hand Surgeons what happens if somebody just had a tumour removed and very soon afterwards they had a scan to test if the tumour was gone.

    Here is the answer I was given:

    “When the tumour is removed, there is a vacuum created in the body where the tumour was. This vacuum is filled quickly by surrounding cells and blood clots. A scan taken after Bare Hand Surgery will show a dark mass where the tumour was. This can be mis-interpreted as being the tumour.

    The body takes between 6 and 8 months to fill this vacuum and regain the space created.”

    Patrick Hamouy has since 1997 taken groups of people to the Philippines to visit Psychic Surgeons. He has worked with over 40 surgeons. His experience in organising trips to the Philippines is wide. He has a list of reliable contacts for hotels, transports, dentist etc.. He knows the pitfall to avoid in this lovely country.His web site is

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    I saw this article and published it out of curiosity. Have any of our members in the PI heard/experience with this?
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    We had some people share their opinions here, but I'd be very interested to hear more thoughts on the subject.
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    There are all sorts of traditional healing. Some of it is legit and actually works. Midwifery, a lot of herbal medicine, massage, and other things. But "psychic surgery" is a scam, a fraud, lies, baloney. It's been debunked many many times over the decades and shown to be sleight of hand, chicken guts and hokum.

    Respect for a person's culture does not mean that you should accept lies as the truth. This stuff is a lie from top to bottom. But there's no arguing with the True Believer, especially when it's tied in with nationalism and self-concept like it is here. You'll note that the emphasis is on how Filipino it all is. To be skeptical is to be anti-Filipino. Ergo, if you don't swallow everything that's wrapped in the PI flag you are the enemy.

    There comes a point where you have to say "We know it's BS. There's no need to disprove it again." We reached that point with "psychic surgery" back before I could vote. Let it die.
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    Ah, thanks for the link Carol. Missed that earlier.

    My thinking when I posted this was that the concept's bunk. I'll buy into alot of things, much of it surrounding Chi and Chi manipulation, but, sometimes stuffs a bit far out even for a sci-fi geek like myself. But....I don't claim to know it all, and some weird stuff does work.

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