Filipino Pangamot and Empty Hand Skills

Discussion in 'General' started by Bobbe, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. odalisay

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    Kali has pretty darn good empty hands. PTK has really good empty hands.

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  2. silat1

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    Wow, two posts and already an expert on the empty hand aspects of the FMA. I guess that most of the guys I have trained with over the last few years and even my own students have to go back and learn MMA. Problem is if you look at the history of the FMA, the mixed martial arts trend that is taking place world over is a little late when it comes to the FMA. Far before the spanish were even part of the Philippines, the Filipinos have taken what they were observing and fighting against other cultures that were trying to occupy them, they were defeating them by using the indigenous arts which included the empty hand aspects. I have been teach various individuals for decades using the fma empty hand aspects and so far there hasn't been any problems
  3. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    FMA empty hands are really good. Not only that but do to the melting pot of people/cultures in the Philippines they have always observed what other people are doing and incorporated it if warranted!
  4. swordexperiment

    swordexperiment New Member

    care to elaborate?
  5. swordexperiment

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    Have you ever thought that kali empty hand lost its effectiveness to other martial arts in terms of empty hand fighting over the years? it may have been good at one point in time but maybe not so much now. I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone hear that they have never fought with only just eskrima empty hands against a skilled fighter with out resorting to another martial art of some sort.

    look at ted lucaylucay, he took western boxing to compensate his empty hands skills, same goes for dan inosantao and guro Leo Tortal Gaje, Jr.

    The dog brothers created kali tudo which is like vale tudo but utilizes other martial arts for their empty hand skills with eskrima sticks. Yaw yan which is the Philippines most dangerous art borrows from muay thai, bjj, jiu jitsu and karate which are martial arts not native to the Philippines. As much as I want to believe eskrima empty hands by itself can hold its own I don't think it can endure that well unless the eskrimadors skills at unarmed combat is "significantly" higher than his opponents.

    But then again this is more theory than fact so we will see when I train a few more years in western boxing and muay thai and finally challenge an eskrimador in a empty hand match.

    In the mean time I would be thankful if someone explain to me how the empty hands fare well against other martial arts if it can hold its own and the advantages in learning it. For example in western boxing we learn how to become more proficient with our upper body striking concerning our fist and arms with good foot work and muay thai focuses on building stronger bones to take more brutal hits from anything, INCLUDING sticks. Another example is how bjj focuses on ground work submitting and utilizes force against an opponent so smaller weaker people can protect themselves against more stronger and bigger opponents.
  6. swordexperiment

    swordexperiment New Member

    Panantukan vs other unarmed arts

    Don't you think this is a little to complex while accomplishing very little? Wouldn't it be better to replace panantukan with an unarmed system like karate, Krav Maga, Silat, and Muay Thai?
  7. swordexperiment

    swordexperiment New Member

    Your post is good, but it tends to only focus on an opponent with a weapon, what if your opponent doesn't have a weapon and is using just his fist while your weaponless
  8. jwinch2

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    Not to mention that what we think of as Western boxing has been huge in the Filipino Martial Arts for a very long time.
  9. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    What FMA system are you studying?
  10. swordexperiment

    swordexperiment New Member

    Not really a system, just a place called Kali club where it teaches you eskrima but the empty hands are based off of mma
  11. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    So the empty hands are based off of MMA, which means you have no exposure at all to FMA empty hand work.
  12. swordexperiment

    swordexperiment New Member

    not much, the teachers in kali club have basic foundations in transfering stick and knife to empty hands but from the looks of it, a lot of there other stuff in unarmed fighting is mma based, such as grappling (bjj and wrestling) and striking (muay thai or kickboxing). I've heard of a person who used dumog against a bjj, he did well in throwing him around and controlling him, the problem was he wasn't to familiar with pins and chokes, so he ended up tapping out only because he didn't know how to pin and sumbit someone, other wise he was dominating using dumog. Or so I've been told

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