Filipino Martial Arts Brotherhood

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    Hello fiends

    It is with great joy and pride, but also with a high sense of responsibility and respect, that I present to you the FMA Brotherhood.

    An initiative wholly devoted to the promotion and development of the FMA worldwide, regardless of styles or systems.

    It will be our pleasure if you visit our website, and you can also find us on facebook


    Michael Kossivakis

    Filipino Martial Arts Brotherhood (FMA BROTHERHOOD) is a global, non-profit federation, created with the sole purpose of unifying all organizations, clubs, training groups and trainers (masters, guro and instructors) of FMA, regardless of style or system.


    FMA BROTHERHOOD rejects policies that have impacted negatively on martial arts, as well as practices that discourage and stifle their expansion and evolution.

    Our driving force is a desire to contribute to the development of FMA, by offering a range of high quality services, and providing our members with unique privileges and opportunities.

    Ultimately, we aspire towards inclusion amongst the best martial arts federations in the world. Committed to maintaining effective communication channels, and continued growth, for our members, we want to encourage an environment of trust, reciprocity and teamwork.

    We believe a collaborative effort amongst members serves to strengthen personal and corporate development, and facilitates the achievement of higher goals.

    FMA BROTHERHOOD is a democratic federation and we invite you to join us, regardless of the Filipino Martial Arts style or system you are currently practising.

    If you would like to learn more about FMA BROTHERHOOD, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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