Filipino Martial Arts Brotherhood Midwest Gathering

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    Filipino Martial Arts
    Midwest Gathering
    Sponsored by
    World Serrada Escrima Federation & Defensive Combat Initiatives
    The event will be held in Bellevue Park & Christian’s Karate School, Belleville, Illinois
    Contact: or 618-979-3558 for info.

    May 21 & 22

    Presentations in

    A variety of
    FMA & Malay

    Donations will be taken at the time of the event to benefit the
    Wounded Warrior Project.

    Featured Instructors & Demonstrations Teams include:
    GM Anthony Davis & the WSEF Instruction & Demo Team
    GM Tasi Alo : Derobio Escrima & Davis/Cabales System
    GM Chuck Cadell: Tanikala De Serrada Escrima System
    GM Ron Saturno: Saturno Modern Serrada System
    Lakan Guro Brian ‘Buzz’ Smith: Maharika Kuntao
    Guro Jim Hogue: Malay Fighting Arts Systems
    Guro Kim Satterfield: Maian Serrada Escrima System
    Maha Guro Wes Bennett: Lucaylucay Kali/Escrima/Arnis
    Maha Guro John Malmo: Kombatan
    Scott Air Force Base FilAm Society
    Gm Chuck Cadell’s Demonstration Team
    Guro Scott Frank & Demonstration Team
    With Special Guest Motivational Speaker
    Sensei JD “Stoney” Stone

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    looks like a great event!
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    I am looking forward to it

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