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  1. Sun_Helmet

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    Amongst the collection of military style Tomahawks featured in the Navy Times article Cutting Edge Hawks is the Sayoc-Winkler R&D Hawk.

    FMA practitioners can see the influence of the Filipino Kalinga headaxes on the design of this lightweight hawk.

    Made by ABS Bladesmaster and LAST OF THE MOHICANS bladesmith Daniel Winkler.


    "High-tech comeback for centuries-old weapon"
  2. KaliGman

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    Sun Helmet,

    Is it merely the reflection of the flash from the camera taking the photograph or is the top edge of this interesting item sharpened?

    This hawk looks like it would be very fast and lively handling. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. Sun_Helmet

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    Thanks KaliGman,

    The top is unsharpened for high grips and safer carry for the user.
  4. arnisador

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    Sharp-looking! What's the advantage to the wavy handle on the second one down?
  5. Sun_Helmet

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    Much appreciated. The handle is similar to the gun grip both at its top and bottom.
    It is a feature specifically designed by Sayoc Tactical from the feedback
    by gun guys who want a more familiar weapon shape. When soldiers pick up the R&D hawk their ingrained gun training automatically allows them to deploy the weapon fast.
    Added to the practicality is the custom sheath desgned and made by Navy SEAL "Tracker" Dan for military gear and accessibility.
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  6. arnisador

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    Ah, OK! I see the logic.
  7. lhommedieu

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  8. Sun_Helmet

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    Thanks for the article Steve.

    I communicated with the afore-mentioned Andy Prisco during that time to further demo how his VTT can be used.

    It is a long evolving process, but as the needs of the soldiers dictate the proper tools they can and want to carry, the old tools end up showing why they were useful in the first place.

    The R&D hawk is the result of a lot of feedback since from users with specific requirements. Light, fast, user-friendly, and streamlined for practicality.


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