Fight Quest with Modern Arnis and Pekiti Tirsia

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    Anyway here's my short and simple review:

    I think the Fight Quest Kali Episode was better than the Human Weapon Episode. In my opinion, the FQ was more balanced and has less BS than the HM episode. It really showed the difference between training in the gym and training in a more traditional way. It made the episode more balanced and interesting.

    Training - Modern Arnis

    GM Vasquez really did great in presenting the "modern" type of training. He went straight to the point and started training with weapons. They presented a great venue for this which was in a very tight gym in the backstreets of Manila and outskirts of Tondo.

    The MA group focused more on stick training and sparring, and less on physical training. You can see that he shows the bruises he got from stick sparring. He got a nasty bruise on the hip haha. Jimmy really enjoyed his training.

    Training - Pekiti-Tirsia

    GT Gaje showed a different kind of approach compared to the MA group. He focused more on physical and mental training. It was more like a bootcamp if you ask me. Obstacle courses, duck walks, crocodile walks, mud crawling, stick training in the water, hitting tires hard with hardwood sticks, etc.

    The training Doug had was more on developing the mind, body and spirit. GT Gaje wanted him to show that bravery, courage and fighting spirit is more imporant. He wanted Doug to develop the "Marines" type of attitude and conditioning. You can see that Doug is very fraustrated because he wanted to do weapons training but GT Gaje was blocking him all the way. He did get a taste of live stick sparring at the end of his training.

    Fight Day

    Man, it was an awesome sight if you ask me. They fought 2 Force Recon Philippine Marines. I heard that these guys already had their share of kills in the battlefield using live blades and knives. Their Commanders and superiors were also present at the fight.

    Jimmy's Fight

    Knife Fight - Training Blades with lipstick markers.

    Jimmy got pretty owned by the Marine. You can see his shirt was full of big slashes to the chest and abdominal area. The fight goes to the Marine.

    Stick Fight - Live Sticks, headgear and gloves only.

    Jimmy showed a good stick fight. The Marine, however, also hit back with powerful blows which resulted to the disarm of his own stick. He "dropped" his stick 2 times which was the deciding factor of the fight. The fight goes to Jimmy.

    Empty Hands Fight - no grappling

    Both Jimmy and the Marine did well in this fight. Jimmy utilized his MMA empty hand background. The fight was a draw.

    Doug's Fight

    Knife Fight - Training Blades with lipstick markers.

    It was a rough fight for Doug. He was pissed at some point that he got to get hold of the Marine and both of them got a couple of good shots. Doug got a slash in the eye and the neck though. The fight goes to the Marine.

    Stick Fight - Live Sticks, headgear and gloves only

    It was a good fight. The Marine went "glove less" on his weapon hand in this fight. I noticed that Doug got hit on the knees alot of times. The fight ended up a draw I think. The referee said the points were tied. But the fight goes to the Marine because Doug was on defensive mode all the time. He even jumped a couple of times to avoid the leg strikes of the Marine haha.

    Empty Hands Fight - no grappling

    This is where Doug really shined. He pretty much owned the Marine, leaving him on defensive mode all the time. You can see that the Marine was covering his head all the time. The Marine didn't get a real good shot at Doug. The fight goes to Doug.


    It was a breath of fresh air, this FMA episode was. In my opinion, it was more balanced than the Human Weapon episode and less BS. Unless you call Philippine culture and tradition a BS as what showed by GT Gaje and PTK.

    The show featured the difference between modern and traditional fighting styles of the Filipino Martial Arts. And they showed it very well. Kudos to Modern Arnis and Pekiti-Tirsia.
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    Seen on MT--some clips from the episode:




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    i've watched all the episodes, except the mexican boxing (pvr didnt record it all) and now every single time i see the intro i cant help but giggle every time i see the part where doug screams KALI!!!!
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    can anyone tell me where in manila gm vasquez is training or contact numbers. i like the discipline and the training gm vasquez have showned in the show. i manage to download the entire season and watch the philippine episode 3 times. and about doug screaming kali it make me smile. next time i showered i do that.
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    GM Vasquez is actually still residing in Negros / Hinigaran.
    If you wanto to get connected to him it would be best to e-mail IMAFP

    Most of the Other people fom the Modern Arnis Group are actually IMAFP Members who actually are based in Manila.
    If you e-mail the secretary you will recieve answer from the Girl "Gina" who they "accidently" bump into on the road sometime during the show...

    Good Luck!

    Greetings from Germany.


    P.S. Did anyone recognize that the Black Shirt with the Gold Labeling on the Chest is actually a Shirt from DAV (German Arnis Federation) ? I was quite surprised and proud to see GM Vasquez wearing it during the Recording of the show :)
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    Having trained briefly in both systems, travelled and met different players (and outlooks) from both camps, i find this show is a very interesting and humerous juxtaposition between the two..

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