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Discussion in 'FAQ' started by The Phalanx, Oct 27, 2008.

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    My responses are polite and professional as that is how I prefer to present myself when it comes to the teaching of the FMA and in my daily existence... I am just responding to the subject as presented by the other participant of this thread..


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    The comment was not directed at any one person but rather as a reminder to all posters in the thread.

    -FMAT Admin
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    Sarcasm button released.:Eyecrazy::eek:ne_samur

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    We spar with the padded stick almost every class. i have to agree with eskrimakaliarnis, however, sooo much more is learned from padded stick sparring without pads and gloves. You just have to be careful about headshots and wear eye protection. We sometimes will spar no gear live stick as well, toning down the powershots and precise counters are vital when you spar live/gearless, i kind really enjoy it myself. Not for everyone i think...
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    silat1, thinner stick sparring is like being hit with a switch, I agree, but man they can hurt, a different kind of pain I think. A good way to practice light or introduce live stick i think. We use lacrosse elbow pads and glove, skateboarding knee pads work best for me, no shin gear. lacrosse helmets seem to work really well and are relatively easy to come by in The Americas. When you get hit in the head with a full size (3/4 or more) rataan you are safe yet still feel it, kinda neat. Man it rings hard inside the helmet! Wow! Nothing like the hickey a live stick gives the back side of your shin either!!!
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    Phalanx, your photos looked fine, btw. I am sure that you are training well. If and when you are ready to move up to live stick I am sure that you will enjoy it. Try the laCrosse headgear, you might like it.
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    Actually to give credit where credit it due, the pictures were taken by my wife who just bought a new Nikon D60 (i think)she came out and snapped a plethora of shots. I think she snapped a totaly of 700 pics, lol.
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    Looks great Rob. Aloha brah !!

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