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    There are many reasons why one should evolve in their own research. It is said that one should stay true to their heritage, their lineage, their family..

    How, can anything thrive, or evolve if it stay's stagnant in this form? If two individuals come from the same source, for the same amount of time and spend endless hours working on the same material yet, both still are different in movement, mentalities, strengths, attitude, and abilities. How can they stay true within their roots. Eventually they will both split and share their own philosophies, their own methods and their own outcomes that has made them who they are. Their make up- or their past is the same and each will not forget that or who they were and whre they came from. However, in the end each must evolve into their own personal creation of who they are.

    2 brothers, 2 sisters each from the same mother and father. Each have the same genes and the same upbringing. They seperate in age as each evolve into maturity and structure their own family, their own beliefs, and their own way to parent their children.

    In Martial Arts why should this be any different? It is felt that each individual as children of the martial arts and the father of the system in which you choose should eventually split and you develope your own personal belief's and your own personal truths. Stay true to your heritage, love, and loyalty is fair but it only goes so far. No parent ever wants to let go of their child. But each child has a rebelious side, a side to expand and find and develope things on their own. We see this as going to college, getting a job, moving away and bringing up a family of their own.

    As a student grows, and becomes one with himself his parent system is only going to take him so far. It is up to him to help the system evolve and carry out certain family traditions and help carry a name to a level before he changes it to be more like him. He will have his own followers, his own students as they are his own children. Even as grandfather tried to raise him different than father done, will he teach his children and students differently than his father and grandfather.

    As a child born, to a pre-teen learning structure and discipline. Each will continue to grow and evolve into their own person as they are gaining strengths, weaknesses, faults and failures. As parents we need to be there for our children, our students no matter what road or path they choose. Love them as the day we gave birth to them, and share what we can while we can no matter what roots, paths, or roads they travel.

    As a teacher of the arts I follow my path from my leaders, yet I strive to break away from what their old ways were/are. I stay true to their roots and I give thanks to them for their love and show that in loyalty, I however, have different obligations, different paths and differen ideals than they may of had in their youth. My chosen path is different then my brothers and my bretheren and sister in the arts. My mentality and my ideas are based upon my beliefs and my rights of passage. So with that said by changing and teaching what I have that fits my structure is no disrespect to my lineage, or my fathers or grandfthers in the arts, It is my own expression of who I am and where Im at today. My brother in the arts although we are different, weare the same yet we still show respect to one another although we may see things differently. ThIS is how we evolve.

    Mabuhay Ng Escrima
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    This is such an obvious human truth, that I'm always amazed how many people insist that the only "correct way" is what they imagine their teacher or founder taught. All the geat masters I've met or read about assembled there own systems. Why should evolution sudenly stop???
  3. PG Michael B

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    As a great man once said..."discovery of self is the true knowledge"
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    All that you said is true, and is in step with what and how I teach. I am glad I join this forum, I know there are good people out there that are not far from my own thoughts and beliefs.
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    So very true

    Each art evolves with each of it’s students

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