Family Martial Arts Academy, Upland CA 5/21/2015 Youth Class FMA Sparring

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    Inosanto/LeCoste is all about mixing the different weapons configurations, and experimenting.

    Here is a round of Filipino Martial Arts sparring at the end of today's Youth Martial Arts Class at Family Martial Arts Academy, our new location in Upland, California. Today's class marks the end of the second week of kids classes classes in the new space. In this video, I am making the students rotate single stick, double stick, staff (pool noodle), stick and shield (Thai pad), and sarong. One student was the odd person out, but this is a fun round, with some good things happening. We are having our big open house all day on Saturday, June 13th. If you want to attend, let me know (Email: or call the academy at 909-982-3444), or if you want info about classes (kids ages 5 through 13, and adults) please reach out. I am an Associate Instructor in the FMA's under Guro Inosnato.

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