Fall 2011 Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack

Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by Crafty Dog, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Nothing wrong with "Roadkill" it just has to be seasoned properly. LOL

    So I got "TAC!" but now I see another acronym- HCTHC?

    See you on the 18th
  3. Crafty Dog

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    "Higher consciousness through harder contact" (c DBI)

    The complete credo goes like this:

    "The greater the dichotomy, the profounder the transformation. Higher consciousness through harder contact!" (c)
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    I feel like an idiot, that is one phrase I have read alot about...I am ready to begin my "transformation". I am unusually excited about my first gathering, which does not make sense since I will most likely be beaten senseless. I have nearly zero FMA experience but have been reading about you guys since I got into the MA in 1991. Talk about "alive" training...wow

    If you could see me in my garage with my 31" Crafty Dog model sticks, Lacrosse gloves, and fencing mask hitting motorcycle tires I guarantee you would just laugh hysterically (my fiance does). Learning Kali from youtube clips...Training (if you can call it that) for only 6 weeks before the gathering...

    I am going to bring my "chucks" in case I survive both a knife and single stick fight (Poi-Dog) and was wondering what you thought about Tonfa? I am more familiar with the PR-24 and only played with actual Tonfa but as a former LEO I am intrigued by the effectiveness or lack thereof with the tonfa, or even the ASP.

  5. Crafty Dog

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    1) May I offer for your consideration actually buying the DVDs? :-D

    2) Given the concentrated punch they are capable of delivering, tonfa are a scary weapon. We definitely recommend helmets instead of fencing masks (see DVD #6 in the RCSFg series) and both fighters should know that busted ribs and the like are a possibility. Given that that is what you are capable of delivering, you need to be willing to accept the same. If I may, my thought would be to let your first Gathering be about stick and knife, and the chux if youare so inclined. That's a rather full card for the first time.
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    Roger that Guro Crafty. I am basically in financial ruin going through a divorce, I really wanted to attend your recent seminar had I the ca$h. The DVD's are a no brainer when I have the funds.

    It had peaked my interest because we had some really poor training with the PR-24. I will leave those/that at home. I mentioned the "chucks" to Toki (he knows my background) and he basically said that there are obvious weaknesses against a stick but that I should try it and learn first-hand (lol). Sounded more like a dare than "higher learning"--- SO of course I was considering it.

    I am completely aware that I will be lucky to get through the knife and 1 stick fight, even with experienced partners. I may just receive all of my higher learning in 4 minutes or less. It is unknowable at this point but I have a feeling DBMAA and the "Gathering" are going to be like surfing (which I started 2 weeks ago). I will be completely inept and nearly a danger to myself but totally addicted and enlightened at the same time.

    I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to communicate with a newbie, I am sure you spend time on folks who do not even show up- I will be there.

    TAHB (has begun)
  7. Crutch

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    I would be intrested in your chucks vs my single stick or a singel stick vs single stick fight you choice. :)


    Dog Terry

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    D: Sorry to hear about the divorce.
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    Night Owl's idea

    Woof All:

    Night Owl has commented to me that with the large number of fighters now at the Gatherings the day can get rather long and the audience really starts thinning out and that we should think about dropping the knife only fights. Given the increase of knife play during the stickfights (either hidden knives being brought into play, or full on stick & knife fights) his idea is that knife will not be lost, but that the tempo of things will be picked up.

    Putting this up for discussion.

    Crafty Dog
  10. dianhsuhe

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    Hi Dog Terry- If I am still walking and talking after a knife and single stick fight I would love to try the "chucks" (or a single with ya). Although the deck seems stacked as I have little FMA experience, no gathering experience, and the "chucks" apparently has severe weaknesses against the stick. This makes me REALLY want to give it a go- I have been swinging those chucks around hitting nothing but myself for almost 20 years, might as well see what they can ACTUALLY do. LOL

    Thanks Guro Crafty- on to the next I say!
  11. Crafty Dog

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    Looks like we will have five women fighters.
  12. Crafty Dog

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    We are up to 58 fighters with several more in the pipeline.

    CNN is making news about covering the Gg.

  13. Crafty Dog

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    This Sunday!
  14. Crafty Dog

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    62 fighters! Awesome day. In addition to the usual large number of single stick fights, there were many fights with double stick, many fights of stick & knife, a number of staff fights, one fight of stick and tabok toyok vs. stick, and one fight chain vs. chain. Injuries included various broken fingers, a broken jaw, and a concussion or two.

    The Adventure continues!
  15. Crafty Dog

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    Woof All:

    I would like to add how very pleased I am with the continuing evolution of stick & knife. When I first started calling for this a few years ago in the early fights few people showed much understanding about how to bring the hidden wisdom of the Filipino martial arts and crafts side of things to application.

    This is no longer the case. Many fighters are now starting to show really good integration. I look forward to the evolutions from here.
    Another area where I am very pleased with is the integration of IFWA (in fight weapon access) of knives. I started calling for this a few years ago due to the influence of my friend Southnark.

    As I see it two things are at play here:

    a) learning to keep track of your opponent's hands for movements which might be accessing a weapon. In my opinion it is a profound opportunity to install this awareness during the adrenal state of a Dog Brothers fight! May it never come up, but in a street situation, this awareness can save your life.

    b) developing an appreciation for just how challenging it can be to access your knife when an attack is already under way. We are good people and in a real world problem typically we are going to be pyschologically and physically behind the curve. Here too the DB Gathering provides us an adrenal opportunity to work the IFWA skill. Again, may the need never arise for any of us, but should it do so, this too is a skill/awareness which can save your life.

    I am pleased with how the aluminum folders are working out. They seem to impose enough pain and danger (a good whack can break fingers and maybe more) to create more realistic responses than we sometimes have seen in the past.

    As Baltic Dog commented, we need to be thinking about particular point types than minimize unnecessary risks.

    The Adventure continues!
    Crafty Dog
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