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Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by olisijuan, Mar 17, 2010.

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    It doesn't look Ilustrisimo to me. Where did he learn his KI? He moves like a self-taught JKD.
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    I cant tell where he learn it...isnt he striking the 12 basic angles on KI?? is there any mistake during his perfomance?? i mean to do carrenza with a machete you can cut yourself if you are not skilled enough, can you give me the reason why you think is jkd??
  4. Raul

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    First off, the salutation isn't KI, I don't know if the other kalis offshoots have this salutation. Second, the 12 strikes is generic to most systems and can't be used as a distinct feature qualifying someone as a KI practitioner. Next, I don't want to critique anybody's skill from watching his solo forms but if I have to demo a KI movement, I would not do it solo - it must be a paired practice. If he was showing a paired demo, it will be clear where and from whom he got his KI training. There are solo forms distinct to Ilustrisimo practitioners that shows a glimpse of the depth of knowledge the practitioners has. It can't be faked because it's never taught and if somebody tries to mimic the movements, then it will be the same movements that will reveal if he's a real Ilustrisimo or not.
    His diverse styles and interests remind me of JKD guys, not that being a JKD guy is bad, just a thought. I don't even think its JKD but I feel his stuff are somehow JKD stuff.
  5. First off I'll preface my post by saying that I am far from an expert. I have experience of seeing a few things from Ilustrisimo and learning a few other things from the system's 2nd most senior student.

    If you look at the video's you-tube account you can see the guy demonstrating other styles. Ones I saw at a glance were Latosa Eskrima and Wing Tzun Chi Sau. This leads me to believe the practitioner in the video is sampling from different styles rather than Mastering one.

    As was pointed out, the fact that he is doing live blade stuff at speed and without injury on camera is commendable. To truly gauge his "Ilustrisimo Skill" and understanding of the 12 strikes you would need to see it in context (e.g with a partner) as Raul comments.

    Plenty of (skilled) people are able to sample things from different systems and make them work. If you are looking for purely Ilustrisimo teaching it would probably be wiser to find and instructor with a stronger connection to the group.

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    Thanx for your opinion, as a matter of fact he did some seminar training at the francis fong academy in jkd, now talking about his body mechanics while performing blade strikes, do you think he has any mistake while doing it?? i mean a person without control of the blade probably wolud get injured. A person told me that he has some mistakes while striking the angles like he doesnt move the hip along with the strikes. But my question is if he moves too much his hip while performing the strikes at speed and live, is it possible that he can cut himself??
    I really appreciate your valuable opinions on this subject
  7. Raul

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    Solo forms don't mean much to me especially if you're using a utility blade in your amara. Its better to use a stick in practice than a utility blade. A live utility blade will simply teach you bad forms.
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    In my opinion it was his opinion (and mind you his is the only opinion that matters) NO.
    Probably world is full of twits swinging blades who never garner much more than a nick..sp probability lies with the cat....

    Do you really need answers to this line of questioning.he is swinging a blade, of course he can get hurt....tell the person who told you to tick a lock and come up with your own opinion based on your visual breakdown...what you may find is something different.
    Why? know the clip sucks buttermilk just like we do..unless of course there is a motive to your operandi...hmmm....

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