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    An article in the 11 April 2006 NY Times discusses the sale of a "jade-hilted 18th-century ceremonial sword" at an auction in Hong Kong the previous day. It went for an "unexpected" $5.93 million (U.S.). It was a record price for a Chinese sword and in fact for any "imperial work of art" according to the article. The sword itself was a "steel-bladed Baoteng Saber" from a set of 90 made between 1736 and 1795.
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    Islamic Daggers and Swords.

    An article in the 29 July 2005 Wall Street Journal discusses some other Sotheby's auctions, and also Christie's auctions, of Islamic art. An Ottoman dagger from the 16th century went for $1.82 million ("many times the estimate"). A 17th century Mughal sword failed to sell at $140,000 in another auction. Of course, a fly swatter handle from the 17th or 18th century went for %1.57 million.
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    King Tut's Dagger.

    Last weekend we saw the traveling King Tut exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago. One item was his burial dagger, made of gold.

    Apparently it was intended for symbolic and magical purposes--many "toy" items were put in the pyramid for use in the afterlife, where they would somehow become fully functional.

    Egyptian Edged Weapons
    Egyptian Projectile Weapons
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    I saw King Tut's exhibit in Chicago as well. The burial dagger was certainly a highlight!
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    Steve McQueen's Knife Up for Auction.

    The McQueen auction affair

    I have the actual article in front of me and it includes a close-up of the inscription on the knife.

    Results from the auction here, though I don't see the knife mentioned.
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    From the NY Times Science Section.

    Antique Nanotubes

    An article on the science behind Damascus sabers, with a nice picture of one; the print version isn't in color but does include a close-up of the blade.

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    "Commando" Knife and "Conan" Sword.

    A 26 Sept. 2003 Wall Street Journal article stated that the 15-inch survival knife used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando had sold at auction two weeks previously for $2938 among growing interest in the Governor's memorabilia. A picture of the knife appeared in the article. The sword used in as Conan is in the Smithsonian and not available despite wide interest in it, apparently.
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    Seen on NC.



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    Old Blade Manufacturing Site.

    Ruins in Northern Syria Bear the Scars of a City’s Final Battle

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    Napoleon's Sword.

    Napoleon's sword makes £3m

    Napoleon's sword sells

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    Grant's Sword.

    Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's sword draws high bid of $1.6 million at auction

    At this link there's a picture of a Civil War era "Texas-made .36 caliber George Todd Confederate revolver, and a pair of sterling silver Tiffany Civil War-era spurs" that were auctioned off as well.
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    To Understand
    Sheiks in Iraq,
    Marines Ask 'Mac'

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    Good to see that he's got the right 'chi' for this. Those are gestures that will help endear Americans to many of the tribes. There is the real Army of Iraq, ie 'DUNE' by Herbert. Every martial artist should learn history and culture about the art they are learning since you're giving part of your life to its principles and concepts. Real cool, Mahalo
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    Faith, Proof and Relics
    This week's disclosure on the missing history of the Shroud of Turin sheds new light on a much studied object. Peter Manseau on the enduring appeal of holy objects.

    This article is mostly about the Shorud of Turin, but includes a picture of the Holy Lance:


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    Huge hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure uncovered in UK

    There's a slideshow with pictures of the sword hilts etc.
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    Lincoln exhibition will open today


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