Espada y daga and Snake Disarm clip

Discussion in 'FMA Videos' started by Kickass Will, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Hey Will great stuff! Thanks! [​IMG]
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    This site keeps knocking off the internet!!
    any other link??
  5. Kickass Will

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    You're right John Spezzano is a JKD man along with a strong training regime in a host of other Martial Arts. Not sure what influences he is showing. You guys are the experts.
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    I'll send a report to the tech guys.

    Other folks with this problem have had;

    Workplace Firewalls

    Older versions of Flash (updates are free to download)

    more rarely Internet Explorer version 6 does exhibit a bug,

    or the broadband in your area is heavily congested,

    or some other tech thing that needs beating out of the system.

    I hope it is resolved for you soon. I'll do my best from this end.



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