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    How does it work at full combat speed?? How is distance between blade and opponent an important factor in safety when training with 'live' blade? Control is shown not with a trainer blade but with a 'live' sharp blade moving with out any accidenta at full speed like for real combat blade to blade???? Thats why 'shock blades or dye blades are pretty good indication of how the blade fighters are moving and if their technique works or not !!!
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    Training with live blades--eh, I dunno! Shock blades/dyed blades do make sense to me though.

    I enjoyed the clip!
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    StixMaster, you said "train with live blades"? Do people really do that? Do you have any clips of people doing so? If so please post them.

    Also I see that you have a number of different logos... are they some of the people who train with live blades? What are the differences between those styles?
  5. StixMaster

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    Do your homework and say does that represent combat speed? Have you ever really been attacked with a real blade?? Is that how a knife fight really goes??? Yes in Derobio they train with live blade and I think there is a video posted somewhere. Just looking for real good footage for documentary but it has to look real.
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    Stixmaster, no I have not been in or have ever seen a real knife fight. I also hope and pray I never have too. But a friend of mine recently has been a victim of a knife attack... I am now looking in to learning knife defenses. You said you are making a documentary? Knife fighting? I was hoping you could give me some insight on the styles which you personally feel would be good to learn from and why. Or anybody reading this any advice would be appreciated...
  7. StixMaster

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    Law enforcement & Corrections officers know what a real attack is like. Stabbings & shankings are very fast and efficient and unpredictable, it is not a pre-rehearsed movement. There are schools that do train 'live' blades every week as part of the cirriculum, bolo & knife so the student has a real experience with real weapons.Just like in the military the training is with real weapons for real battle. GKTactical: based on our A.R.M Perspective or Accelerated Response Movement Perspective, is a collective formulated tactical foundation from various martial systems to effectively teach and provide military, law enforcement, and security forces a distinct and combat tested tactical system. Structured modular phase training that can readily be provided to groups within any time frame. A system that can also be readily presented to the public for a highly effective self-defense core systemThat teaches what we call 2nd nature accelerated response movement.

    This is one of the logos you asked about in an earlier post.
    The documentary is about how the Hawaii & Filipino martial artists affected a young man's life and destiny, real life story.
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    Thank you for your input. Now I guess I need to do some homework to decide what style is for me. Thank god for the Internet. I will be sure to look up gktactical clips in hopes of seeing some knife stuff... Thanks again and good luck on the documentary!
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    Are shock blades even still available to the public?
    I thought about purchasing one about 3-4 years ago for training but wasn't able to purchase it at the time due to budget restraints.
    Now I wish I did purchase it.
  10. KaliGman

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    Eskabo Daan Clip

    To get back to the original video clip...I enjoyed it. Some of the methods utilized in the clip are low percentage moves in actual combat, but low percentage does not mean that a skilled person could not use them in the "for real and true" of real combat, just that other methods might be more successful and might, thus, be preferred in real fighting. Besides, the flow between the two men was nice and, from what I saw, this looked like a drill that was exploring possibilities and working on feeding the blade and flow rather than a sparring session. As a drill, it looked like it would develop dexterity, hand speed, body positioning, and a lot of other stuff that I've used a time or two to stay alive in nasty situations. It also looked like they were having fun with it, which is good. Nothing like getting tossed around by a laughing instructor (and I have been on the receiving end and the giving end of that particular scenario).
  11. ESKABO

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    Thank you for your thoughtful insights!!! More to clips to come soon!
  12. Stone

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    Very nice clip ESKABO! Great flow! Please keep them coming.

    Could you provide us with a video of you guys using live blades in an unrehearsed manner at speed? That would be awesome.:)

    Respectfully, B.J. Stone.
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    i think the baraw sugbo guys train with live blades.
  14. arnisador

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    I think you need to train solo with a live blade at times to get the needed confidence, but partner training with a live blade is risky business.
  15. StixMaster

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    It really depends on who is teaching the 'live' blade class. Many who now teach FMA don't have live blade experience. You can see it when they move anyone who has been in a real blade fight knows it isn't fancy at all but right to the Point! There is training with 'live' blade with the lights out!! Builds sensitivity. Do you think in the middle of a real battle you are not subject to your immediate environment and conditions ? Many times your confrontation with one or more people may not be in an ideal setting.
    Example : One finds himself in a basement of a building, an argument happens and a confrontation ensues in this dimly lit basement with only one way out and YOU pull out a 'live' knife to defend yourself because you have been training in FMA just to get it kicked out of your hand and now the guy's picked you up by your body and is trying to use your head as a battering ram against a wall cause he is bigger than you and pissed cause you pulled a live 'blade' to defend yourself and all you can now do is kick the person get loose and escape.
    Thats why one need to train 'live' because in the REAL world one will face a REAL blade! People don't try to kill with a 'TRAINER' You are what you practice !!!! Yes safety, caution and good common sense with honest testing and evaluation with techniques for 'live blade encounters can prepare a FMA student for what they are coming to you to learn in the first place - staying alive in Nasty situations !
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  16. Taiaha NZ

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    Thats why we are using Shocknife

    I agree with what you say cuz , thats why we are using shocknife to keep it as real as possible yet keeping it safe & delivers a powerful shock upon contact allowing the trainee to recognize both WHERE and WHEN they were exposed during the attack. The shock will even arc through clothing! Unlike marking knives there is no messy marking compound to clean up after training.
  17. arnisador

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    I'd like to try one--they look like a neat idea, but I'm not willing to fork out that much cash until I try one first.
  18. Stone

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    "People don't try to kill with a 'TRAINER'"

    And your training partner isn't going to try to really kill you with that live blade either. He'll either pull back at the last moment, or someone will eventually DIE if his targeting is on.. That is, unless your perfect in your defense 100% of the time. How possible is that?

    Still waiting on some video of partner live blade training that isn't in some way choreographed or controlled.

    As for the shock knives? You really should be aware of it when someone puts an aluminum trainer into your internal jugular. No need for expensive gadgetry.
  19. I like the shocknife, but it is very expensive... a cheap alternative would be compostable (or plastic) knives... they are cheap, be put in the compost and they still have sharp enough teeth to cut superficially like a paper cut so it may make people more honest---not perfect, but its a good training tool if taken seriously. Oh, and wear eye protection!

    Oh well... ;p

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