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Discussion in 'General' started by adam t babb, May 11, 2011.

  1. adam t babb

    adam t babb New Member

    I am looking for some escrima training gear i.e. head and hand protection. Anybody know where i can get some for a good price?

    thank you

  2. jspeedy

    jspeedy Member

    I have a 3 weapon fencing mask I purchased from, it holds up well to strikes but still lets you know when you've taken a decent shot. So far the face cage mesh has held up fine and I got the mask for around 60$. I like this fencing mask because it feels light and dosen't limit my movement too much. As long as you establish the approximate power level to use before the fight i.e. don't try to kill your opponent, a fencing mask works quite well.

    IN the past i've used a kendo "man?" which felt clunky and limited my vision and made me fearless to absorb a head shot. I'll admit I haven't tried a WEKAF mask but it seems like it would closely resemble the kendo head gear but is possibly a little more suited for FMA purposes, still it appears the WEKAF masks may be too much protection.

    For gloves i've tried hockey gloves but the stiff thumb pad can affect your grip. I like lacrosse gloves better. Unfortunately for me the only place I can find lacrosse gloves is online, due to the lack of the popularity of the sport down south. I ordered a pair online and they were a bit big. When I went to a Bobby Taboada seminar in Charlotte NC I checked out a Play-it-again-sports that had a wide range of lacrosse gear I picked up my favored pair of gloves (used)there for around 20$. I also, like the jointed style lacrosse elbow pads for day to day sparring which I also found at Play-it again-sports (used) for around 20$

    Good luck! Let me know what you come up with.

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