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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by Rich Parsons, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    A link to part of the intro for "Enter Garote"


    If someone know of a location where I could pick up a "legal" copy of this movie, please let me know, and I will arrange for payment and shipment or purchase online.

    Thank you
  2. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    Sir :
    As far As I know if you beleave me or not I could not care.
    It was a 4 part film & not called as you see it on that sight.
    It starts with Conetes then Pnanadata-Then Balintawak & finealy a short clip on Escrima.
    This was part of a document on the Cebu & Arnis ways.So you have to find the title of the document.
    I can not tell you but as you will asume" I lie & then some one else tells the same & you put me down as a lier."
    Get over it & learn-- we can help each other.I offer this as info-
    you can call me a lier but I have proven to others on the Balintawak it is a 4 part & they have 3 of it.I personal would like to have nothing bad between us.
    I might be willing to then tell you were you can get the history video.My info being Presas or other is solid & been shown such.
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Admin. Note.

    Please, keep the conversation polite and respectful.

    Do not bring disputes from other sites to FMATalk.

    -FMATalk Admin
  4. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    I will keep them freindly & honest as I have offerd this many times to forsaid.
    I hope to exstend the same jester as I offer it again like I did on other
    posts.I offer the place were he can gain the film.
    I offer all kinds of info & do it with out remorse or regret.
    I would rather have freindly informative talks.
    I have with others & now I offer it agian for the 5th time.
  5. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member


    To say you care not, and then to put words into my mouth and then to say you want nothing bad between us.

    Have a nice day SIR, and please do not approach me if you are ver at the same location as I am.

    Thank you
  6. Robert Klampfer

    Robert Klampfer New Member


    Was the movie ever finished? The only clip I've ever seen from or about it is the same footage that you linked to. Bobby Taboada has some photos that were taken during filming but, that's it. I was under the impression (assumption) that the movie tanked before it was finished.

  7. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    I was under the impression it had a good part to it,as too how much Im not sure.
    I do know of some one who has it.

    As for Mr Parsons--I have note a retraction & I was simply stating what you said time & time after each post I had done else were.I was told to keep it freindly & I have offerd it many times.

    What you just wrote sir--if any one else wrote that they would be banded
    from the site,
    I offerd peace more then once & retractions & Ill offer it again,
  8. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Thread Closed.

    This thread is now closed.

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