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    can you use the exact flow of knife versus knife drill in empty hand?
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    Hello SB:

    There are many knife vs. knife drills in the various FMA systems-- and I do not know most of them so making an all encompassing statement in response to your question would be overly broad on my part. That said, one of the core principles of DBMA is "Consistency across categories" i.e. that we see to use the same idioms of movement for weapons, empty hand, and the mix of the two (empty hand vs. weapon and weapon vs. empty hand).

    This is a classic assertion of many FMAs-- though in my humble opinion not all of them can fully back it up. I leave to others whether I have succeeded with my work with DBMA, but it most certainly it is something which I have sought to make real.

    Thus in DBMA we have:
    a) Real Contact Stickfighting;
    b) "Kali Tudo"(tm)
    c) "Die Less Often" (tm)

    RCSFg is where we learn the weaponry movements, KT is where we functionalize and adrenalize them in the context of the cage, and functioning in DLO (the interface of gun, knife, and empty hand) is the ultimate test.

    Does this help?

    The Adventure continues,
    Guro Crafty/Marc

    PS: You may also want to check out the threads nearby on "Kali Tudo" and "Die Less Often" if you would like to read more about our approach.

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