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    I agree. my father told me that if for example you punch a guy and the guy sees your punch that same guy could actually prepare himself for the punch thus, his more likely to snap out of it quickly. But when that same person did not see your strike. Something unexpected would totaly knock him down. So between power and speed. I think what is really fundamental is speed.

    Im really learning a lot in this forum.. Thanks guyz
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    Balintawak has two forms of empty hands.

    With knowledge just drop the stick and you have empty hands OR then there is Tat Kun Tao Kung Fu which was originally formulated by ‘Jose Millan’ which fuses Five ancestors boxing with the simplicity of Balintawak. Henry Jayme in Cebu knows the double and single person patterns but is also a great Balintawk instructor.
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    No offense just a little correction. Jose " Joe Go " Millan's empty hand style is called Tat Kun Tou not Tat Kun Tao. The system was derived from his Kung Fu and Balintawak background.
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    None taken

    Five ancestors boxing is a form of Kung Fu.

    Tat kun tao (- (kune) kun taw - kun tou) are all variations of the same thing. Loose translation thinking fist way. English - (Chinese) - Filipino translation is always open to interpretation

    Do you know the patterns? I'm interested in how well known they are by Balintawak schools in Cebu (particulary those with a Teovel lineage)?

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    I have studied Tat Kun Tou in 1987 when I was only 13 years old but was not so active. I know some of the patterns from solo to pairing.

    Jose " Joe Go " Millan was a direct student of Anciong Bacon and a very good Balintawak player in his own right. He did not teach Balintawak to the public
    but instead introduce Tat Koun Tou his empty hand version of Balintawak.

    In the early 70's Velez and Villasin together opened their own school to the public to promote the art of Balintawak with the blessings of Ancion Bacon the founder. 10 years later Velez and Villasin parted ways. Mr. Teofilo Velez and his followers created a new group then named it Teovel's Balintawak Arnis Group.


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