Empty Hands vs. Dagger Part 2 of 2

Discussion in 'FMA Videos' started by Nanalo74, Jun 4, 2006.

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    A good point(s)! I always emphasize when teaching single stick or knife that that left cross should always be ready to come out if you get jammed up (or knees to the lower body, if more appropriate).

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    About Two Hand Hold

    Holding The Knife With Both Hands Is Not That Lame As Suggested There. We Use To Practice Freestyle Knife Disarming The Attacker Do What He Wants Stabbing At Full Speed And Power. Our Experience Tells That If Your Fast Enough To Manage To Catch The Attacker Hand While Dilivering The Blow (which Most People Cannot Do Even If Train) And You Execute Any Kind Of Technique Which Comes Natural To You It Will Do The Job. As Long As You Are Moving And Determine To Twist The Weapon Hand In Any Direction To Break His Arm Or Point The Edged Part Of The Knife Towards Towards The Attacker So He Stabs Himself No Matter What He Do Punch You Slap Your Hand It Do The Job. Two Hand Grip Cannot Just Be Dismiss Its An Instintive Reaction If You Want To Take Away Any Kind Of Weapon From A Person. Two Hands Is Stronger Than One . But For Most People They Wont Be Able To Catch The Attacking Hand For The Sheer Speed And Power Of A Opponent Determine To Kill You. You Will Be Better Be Off Backing Away While Parrying The Trust And Slash And If There Is Chance To Escape And Use Some Barricade To Slow Down The Attack.
    Have Experience The Guy Pull Out A Knife I Ran To The Nearest Door Close It Wait For Help. He Cant Do Anything If He Manage To Open The Door I Pulled Out My Own Weapon Already.
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    HANGAWAY Three things to think about: "two hands is a instinctive action" - that is why we train and condition muscle memory to take the thrust/slash etc in an effective way, so we don't just instinctively grab and get killed. "Two Hands Is Stronger Than One" - hmm well really the whole point of redirecting an attack is to NOT to have to use force against force, actually thats when you know its not working -when you have to force your action. Possibly you mean two hands are more dexterous than one this is true of course disarms other than hitting the hand require at least one hand and either another hand or body part on which to disarm off. "Twist The Weapon Hand In Any Direction To Break His Arm" - i take it you mean a thumb control disarm into wrist lock here? Thats the only application i can think of that involves wrenching and disarming in this context but still what your describe is done with one hand and other than that well i don't know about you but i am sure as hell not strong enough to breaks arm bones simply by twisting weapon hands wrists maybe but arms noooo....

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    you have to manny technical explanation of that but have you tried spparing while your spparring patrner charges you like a madman. i didnt post my comment just because of theory or what. Actually I dont give specific desciption of twisting the hand cause its all depend how you manage to grab the hand your positioning or other variables of course the moment you found resistance you chance your technique or disengage. My point is you twist the hand with both hand before the attacker can tense his hand or execute any counter. sometimes brute force will do the job if your stronger than your opponent.I dont say that the way i do it is effective for everybody i just say its not lame as they say it is.

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