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    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to acknowledge another brother that chooses to stay in the shadows which has contibuted much to Lameco Eskrima and Punong Guro Sulite.

    Kuya Bong is probably the one who impressed me the most out of the "backyard" group on goodwin st. Bong was probably Punong Guro Sulite`s best friend here in the states and Bong unlike the rest of us has never trained anything other than Lameco Eskrima. He is a pure Lameco Eskrima practitioner whose motives were only to support his best friend in propagating his passion to the world.

    Bong was just down right scary when you sparred with him. Leg strikes were his specialty and he hit very hard, so anyone who drew him in sparring knew that they were in for a hard 9 minutes. But aside from sparring, Bong just like Mar was the nicest most humble person that you could hope to meet. All of us could always turn to Bong with our problems, personal or otherwise and he would always dedicate himself to you in a true brotherly fasion.

    After Punong Guro Sulite passed away on April 10, 1997 Bong kept his promise to Edgar in that he would keep a close eye on the family and he has done that to this very day. He has done so much for Lameco Eskrima in his silence and even more for the family on a more personal note than any other member of our fraternal family without a doubt. If I were to recommend that a new student train with anyone in Lameco Eskrima it would be Bong Hebia, but unfortunately he does not teach publically which is sad but understandable.

    After the passing of Punong Guro Sulite either Bong and Don-Don Sulite would come to my house in Riverside and we would train or Bong, Mang Leo Revilles and I would go to Palmdale and train with Don-Don at Punong Guro Sulites house. As well some of the other brothers made this offering to help out with Don-Don such as Kuya Roger Agbulos. These days Bong Hebia enjoys and spends his free time engaging in the age old game of Golf. But he will always remain close to all of us that know him and call him a brother.


    Guro Dave Gould.
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    You know, it is really great that somebody is finally shedding some more light on hitherto not very well known world of Lameco SOG. If you would please continue this to cover as many of those members that have not been known so far, I would be sooooo grateful, and probasbly not the only one.

    BTW, enjoying golf seems rather logical to me, in the sense of changing one type of stick for another :)

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