Elias (Battling Bolo) Cantere.

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    My maternal grandfather was a very private man. Hard working and respectful of others. I found out later that he was a Welterweight Boxing Champion in Hawaii in the 20's and 30's. So I started asking him questions. He told me many stories of learning to box in the Philippines and than migrating to San Francisco and eventually LA. He had a match with the number contender and the winner would fight for the world championship. I don't recall the names at the moment. I do know the contender was Hispanic. Well anyway the Mexican fighter broke my grandfathers jaw in the first round but he never gave up. My grandfather lost my decision. He than came to Hawaii. His name was Elias (Battling Bolo) Cantere. He fought in the smokers in clubs and eventually became Hawaii Champ. He started training us grandkids boxing from a very young age. Thats how we moved into Kenpo.
    My uncle Young Bolo also a boxer told me a very interesting story. My Grandfather was a police officer on the Big Island (Hawaii). Young Bolo was in a bar and got into an altercation with a group of men and they beat him up really bad. When my Grandfather heard about the incident he went directly to the bar and found the men still at the bar. He took his billy club and sent all the men that was in the bar to the hospital. Because he was still on duty and needed to follow rules he was fired. After hearing the story I approached my Grandfather and asked him about the bar incident.I was about 12 years old. He told me when he was learning boxing from a family member in Pangasinan. He was also trained in stick fighting. The trainer would attack my grandfather with the stick and he would have to use footwork to get out of the way. He was told if he could move away from the point of the stick he can easily dodge a punch. My grandfather never taught us grandkids stick fighing but he did teach how to box.
    Years later after the death of my Grandfather I had a conversation with his son my Uncle Ricky. You see in Hawaii you needed to learn how to defend yourself. My family lived in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Hawaii called Damien Track near the Airport. Lots of Kenpo Masters came from that area, some moved to Palama area. Anyway my Uncle ,told me that Kenpo originated from Karate, true , but he also told me that boxing, and fiipino martial art was intergrated in kenpo. FMA had a huge affect on the evolution of Kenpo, Kajukenbo and Cha-3 kenpo. Is it chance that all of the Kenpo masters were Filipino. Than why not teach FMA instead of karate? They were forbidden to teach it? All first generation Filipinos that were skilled in blade and garrote had that, keep it secret mentality. Only family learned moves. Some old men did not even teach it to their own family because they thought that it was to dangerous. And they knew that if taught to the someone with the wrong attitude can be disastrous.
    Lots of students do not realize the history of Kenpo. I am affiliated the with Chinese Kenpo Federation and I am also on the promotion board. At promotions I remind the students about their history and the Filipino Connection.
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    Its fine right here. It is about Master Chief's grandfather, all this experience is all put together when you get to train with him and learn Pedoy/Derobio Eskrima. Mahalo a kui loa to you Master Chief for sharing.
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    Thats awesome MChief I look forward to hearing more! Maybe the next time you come to Hawaii we can go to dinner.
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    Thank You!
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    Me and Tasi will be in Hawaii next year. We will defintely get together. Keep up the good work of introducing the world to Hawaii Martial Arts.

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