Economy of Motion Vs. Florete Movements, old moves

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    Derobio stressed economy of motion. GGM Pedoy always told us during training don't put to much florete in our garrotes. Wait for movement than counter with an equal and greater force.

    Derobio is a very old style of Escrima. GGM. Pedoy began learning the concepts in 1906 under Gen. Faustino Ablen. How far it goes back I cannot say but at the time GGM. said it was already old.

    I had GGM. Crispulo Attilio at my school for a seminar he demonstrated a counter drill. He went from student to another until he came to Bo, Chaz myself. Yes Me. I am not to old yet to learn new moves. Instead of doing the drill his way we went naturally into Derobio counter for counter moves. When he got to me he stopped in the middle and told me you have old Escrima moves, that is very rare.

    Derobio is not fancy. At the beginning the student seems overwhelmed but later realize the simplicity of the conepts , fine points and movements. The more you practice the simpler the moves become. It is like peeling an onion. Layers upon layers of skin until you the center and what do you find, nothing. The more you practice the more layers gets peeled away until you reach to the core which is nothing at all, void of any preconception of movement . At that point you can move freely and with out hesitation when attacked. You not there to hurt only th recieve and return with an equal or greater force. You defend with humility and not with hate, You move with and behind the power.
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    You can feel the power pass you by when doing Derobio movements. There is no wasted moves, every move has a purpose providing you with a variety of options to the initial attack for every block is a strike and every strike a block moving with and behind the power. Very 'akamai' style. Mahalo & Aloha
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    My view of escrima is that it flows like water.very powerful.i am still just scratching the surface of derobio in my learning,like Mchief Chris said, "At the beginning the student seems overwhelmed but later realize the simplicity of the conepts , fine points and movements. The more you practice the simpler the moves become".I found this very true when i first started.although,as you get better you start to critique yourself even more then in the beginning,watching each movement that you do,once those fine points are learned then you can really see what your body is doing ie,muscles that are involved,where your power is coming from,what your strategy and tactics are and how that falls into how you are going to strike. i find training very fun and exciting every day.i never walk away from class not learning anything,somtimes learn so much that it takes me a day or two to remember some things.God Bless
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    Being close yet moving with and behind the power is what keeps one keep the opponent under some control. When moving with the opponent it feels like one motion in harmony with the opponents attack. It is more of a feeling yet your body understands the concept. Not too many moves just enough to get the job done. It gives one confidence knowing what is going on while the 'skirmish' is happening. It is beautiful yet efficient and deadly too.
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    MChief, could you provide a comparison of the economy of motion within the Derobio system vs a superfluous technique?
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    Econoy of Motion

    One second I gotta find a dictionary. That one big word for an old man like me.:lookaroun 10min. later OK. Definition: Beyond what is required or sufficient overflow. Florete moves according to GGM. Pedoy are flowery moves.

    If someone is about to hurt you with whatever weapon in his hand there's only seconds to respond. I am speaking of a street attack. Someone that does'nt know your background. It is a different mindset and skill set when confronting another martial artists.

    We practice what we call basic 3 defensive moves. We take the 1 and return with quick 3 shot combinations and destroy the limb. On our aqaws, we lock, break, strike at the same time. Our food work moves with our hand movements so we don't have to reset after ever defensive or offensive movements. In Derobio we do not go beyond what is required to stop an aggressive attack. There are many reasons, one good one is the law.
    In a possible multiple attack and it is not uncommon these days, economy of motion will allow you to move in and around he attackers.

    Our targets are so that if we hit it right the first time it will stop the attack. That s why the 3 shot combination. We have 3 opportunities to do the job. Its difficult to go further without demonstration. Hope I answered your question.
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    Thanks MChief that was a great explanation.
  8. StixMaster

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    Direct counters, nothing fancy, not spending too much time with any one opponent, economy of motion, efficient techniques giving economy of energy, you don't expend too much energy on the counter attack. Lastnight I was doing it in a 'tai chi' frame of mind or flowing more with the drills. Derobio prepares you for a martial artist or not but you're prepared none the less. Everything in Pedoy's Derobio has a purpose , a no frills style. Robert if you get a chance to really check it out you'll see it too. Tofa !

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