Earthquake in Chile

Discussion in 'The Den' started by Karl, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Karl

    Karl New Member

    PLease guys, if someone wants to help the people there, use this link..Every single cent wil help...

    Thanks and regards

    8.8 from February 27th , 2010! 8,8 Grad Erdbeben vom 27.
    Februar 2010.

    8.8 degrés tremblement de terre du 27 Février, 2010!


    Por favor, abra el link de más arriba y done! Please open the
    above link, and donate! Bitte öffnen Sie den oben
    angeführten Link und spenden Sie!

    S'il vous plaît ouvrez le lien ci-dessus et faites un don!

    Ayude a Chile, ahora! Help Chile, now! Hilfe für
    Chile, jetzt! Aides au Chili, maintenant!

    Done a través del Banco Santander. Donations, through
    Santander Bank. Spenden durch die Santander Bank.

    Fait par la Banco Santander.

    Muchas gracias por su cooperación! Many thanks for your
    cooperation! Vielen Dank für Ihre Spende, Ihre Hilfe!

    Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre coopération!
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I continue to follow the story of the recovery there...they had a huge blackout earlier this week...even though the death toll was not as bad as Haiti's there's still much to be done.
  3. Karl

    Karl New Member

    Well the situation is not as bad as in haiti because of the high standards of construction there.....The big Citys like Concepcion were affected with 8.8 but most of the buildings that fall down or ar serious damaged were the old ones who resist the big earthquake from 1960 (bigger than this one) and the buildings that did not follow the high standars of construction... This companys will be sued.....(what not bring back the people who die there)...Other areas like Dichato, (near Concepcion about 35km) is a small town at the beach or better say was a small town was complete erased not by the eartquake but the tsunamy...Same happend to other ares near the shore....
  4. Majd

    Majd New Member

    I've heard about this in the news weeks ago. I was very shocked, many people died and many people lost. We started to rise donations and we have donated 8xx$ to help the families in need. I hope the situation will change into a better one soon.

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