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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by malcolmk, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Almost finished work on an e-book with accompanying vid clips "introduction to single stick eskrima Balintawak style" a sort of teach yourself / reference manual like the old Bruce Tegner books (anyone remember them?).
    Covering Basic eskrima primer, balintawak stances, basic strikes and defences, structure of training, how to agak (the agak is the guide for the student), butting, basic disarms, power strikes and palakaw.
    Next volumes to deal with groupings and how to use them.
    Would like to know if anyone would be interested in it, like I say should be ready soon, may re shoot some of the vid as using some old clips but, hey first volume is gonna be free?
    pm or email me if interested.
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    Hi malcolm,

    With all respect, can you tell what balintawak group you are with and who you trained under? Time training, credentials, etc? If I'm going to order a book I like to know about the author's background.

    Any of the vids on YouTube where I could get a preview?


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    Hi, most of my training has been done (privately) with the Nickelstick group under GM Nick Elizar, I have also trained privately with master Wilson Ceniza from Teovels group. I started training in 2006 and to be fair my actual instruction with these guys has consisted of traininf every day over a 3 week visit once and sometimes twice a year. I hold the close node stick level rank and GM Nick gave me my own chapter here in UK a couple of years ago.
    I am not purporting to be a master or have all the answers but, having looked around at instructional, reference material both book and dvd; from my perspective as a student there was something missing. Detail, you need detail to know what you are supposed to be actually doing,even in personal instruction I found certain detail missing. This is my attempt to lay out some of this detail and as it's free I don't see any reasons for moaning, its FREE for goodness sake. I have found that I can always learn something from looking at it from another persons perspective so that is what I am offering, my perspective on training Balintawak.
    This work has not been sanctioned by Nickelstick or any other Balintawak system, master, grandmaster or practitioner. Take from it what you will, use it or discard it the choice is yours.
    Maybe you should checkout my web http://teg.comli.com/ http://trutheskrimagroup.110mb.com/
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    I believe Malcolm is right in some points. The fact is that Balintawak is really not among the FMA styles with a lot of coverage in instructional materials, and his book (especially if done with accompanying video clips) might be a very welcome addition...I know I would like too it.
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    Here is the link for download.


    Please download from this site and once you have had a chance to view / read the e-book then feel free

    to comment on the forum contained in the site.

    Any general comments on the site should be placed in the guestbook.

    if you want to distribute copies of the book please supply the download link so that I can track just

    how many copies are out there or if the person you pass it to has no internet then please will you

    just access then download page so that the count increases.

    Thanks for your interest.
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    Is the e-book still available? I repeatedly tried the link above and doesn't work for me.
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    help help I've been hijacked.

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