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    Hey People let me know all the links of where I can find FMA videos.
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    There are plenty of links spread across the site (mostly to YouTube videos).
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    Thanks but I'm not looking for clips. I'm looking for Dvd's and VHS cause I'm making my personal M.A. video library.
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    dvd's and videos

    You could start with the list given on the Eskrima Digest FAQ. This list is somewhat dated and some of the items will be out of print - but it's a good place to start:

    "Inayan System of Eskrima" (8)
    By Suro Mike Inay

    "Modern Arnis" (6)
    By Remy Presas

    "Modern Arnis" (6)
    By Dieter Knuettel

    "Realistic selfdefense with everyday objects" (2)
    By Dieter Knuettel

    "Balisong" (2)
    By Dieter Knuettel

    "Arnis: Presas Style" (1)
    By Ernesto Presas

    "Rapid Arnis" (2)
    By John Harvey and Pat O`Malley

    "Kali Sikaran" (2)
    By Jeff Espinous

    "Lameco Escrima" (8)
    By Edgar Sulite

    "The Filipino Martial Arts" (6)
    By Dan Inosanto

    "Filipino Stick Fighting" "Filipino Fighting" (2)
    By Paul Vunak

    "Sticks of Death: An interview with Grandmaster Angel Cabales"
    By Anthony Davis

    "Dumog" (1)
    By Paul Vunak

    "Panajakman" (1)
    By Paul Vunak

    "Advanced Knife Fighting" (1)
    By Paul Vunak

    "Kali / Jeet Kune Do" (4)
    By Ted Lucaylucay

    "Balintawok Eskrima" (6)
    By Bobby Taboada

    "Pekiti-Tirsia" (5)
    By William McGrath

    "A Tribute to Legends" (1)
    By Antonio Ilustrisimo

    "Action in Manila" (1)
    By Inoy Baiza, Vicente Sanchez, Elmer Ybanez

    "Warriors of Negros" (1)
    By Nene Tortal, Hortencio Novales, Dominador Ferrer, Rene Cornel

    "Kalis Ilustrisimo" (3)
    By Mandirigma Productions, now out of business.

    "Doce Pares" (4)
    By Danny Guba and Percival Pableo

    "Introduction to The Doce Pares System"
    By Dionisio Canete

    "Espada Y Daga System of Doce Pares"
    By Dionisio Canete

    "The Balisong: Filipino Knife of Self-Defense" (3)
    By Scott Brennan & David Miller

    "Lightning Scientific Arnis"
    By Elmer Ybanez

    "flow of Filipino Kali Hands" (3)
    By Steve Grody

    "Dog Brothers" (6)
    By Eric Knaus

    "Kali Pangasinan"
    By Reyes

    "Kali Silat SinaTirsiaWali" (3)
    By Greg Alland

    "Advanced Kali Knife Drills" (2)
    By Greg Alland

    "Lotosa Escrima" (6)
    By Rene Latosa

    "Eskrima" (3)
    By Advincula

    "Jeet Kune Do and Kali" (7)
    By Bob Breen

    Several of the martial artists listed above have gone on to make other DVD's and videos. I would google their names along with words like "review" to see how they have been received - or ask members to give you their personal recommendations. Other martial artists with recent products to consider:

    Leo Gaje
    Rick Tucci
    John Jacobo
    Christopher Petrilli
    Rich Acosta
    Rick Faye

    and dozens more...

    I'll leave it to other members of the forum to post their own suggestions - but this should be a good start for now.


    Steve Lamade
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    Actually that is the one I thought I put down. Thanks for pointing that out Carol!

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