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  1. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Hello Everyone,
    I just wanted too start a conversation about one on the more unique aspects of DTS.... The unique aplication of Dumog and grappling within the system. When GT Tortal applys a counter he sets up a chain of events which either end up throwing the opponent, or so off balance the opponent or put them in such a bad structural position that when he strikes you have a VERY hard time recovering in time for an attempted counter. I would also like to point out that the disarma also sets up the unbalancing as well, maybe later on I wil put up some of the more unique landings I have pictures of to prove my point.

    Thanks and God bless,
  2. medic

    medic Junior Member

    Yes, John we want to see some more unique landings!!

  3. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    I know what you mean.. When I had the chance to attend one of GM Tortal's seminars, John had more time in the air than a flight from the west coast to Hong Kong.. Needless to say, the landings were'nt smooth either, kinda like a first time pilot in a cessna.. Bouncing and spinning several times before coming to a rest on the mats...
  4. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Would you happen to have any video?
  5. Mangtas

    Mangtas New Member

    You'll get no argument from me. I have once been at the receiving end of those throws from Maestro Nene and believe me, coming from a traditional Aikido background, I thought it would be a piece of cake, but when your limbs are tangled up as he throws you, it does give you a quite a fright, especially when the blade you were attacking him with is still spinning in mid air from one of his snapping disarms and you don't know if it would land on you and impale you as you hit the ground : P
  6. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Having watched John take a few tumbles from Grand Master Nene I can assure everyone that the angles used make break falling that much more difficult. :coolyello
  7. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Dumog Picture series....

    1)Dumb enough to attack GT Tortal with a knife.


    3)At this point I think I used a profanity.

    4)Thank God for mats.

    5)See, very simple. Any questions??
  8. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    WOW, excellent technique from GT Nene.
    Could we see it one more time but faster John???
    Note his eyes in the first pic, checking for the 2nd knife I'd say.
  9. medic

    medic Junior Member

    The caption under the last picture really brings back memories. Not only was it fun to see how easily GM manhandled you, but he always made it look so effortless. Then, see simple any questions. Yes, can we see it again!!:biggrinbo
  10. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Yah that's dumog....very direct..enter, smash, ground..finish.....good stuff....Dumog on the ground i.e. ground fighting is also quiete nasty..we do a lot off of our back in the frame of weaponry aquisition. On the ground becomes killing time..working to get that blade free so one can start shanking....mabuhay!

    PG Mike B
  11. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello everyone!

    Here are a couple of more "Poor John" photos from the DTS Open Camp in Chicago at the Midway Kodenkan. These photos remind me that it's sometimes not so bad to be out on the injured list this year. John has been doing a great job of taking the punishment for for both of us. Looks like I owe John and Jose a big Cuban cigar for taking up the slack.


    I received some very enthusiastic compliments about GT Nene and his Dumog this past weekend at Dynamic Fighting Arts in Cincinnati. I will post a couple of phots from the seminar the moment I get them.

    God Bless, Mike
  12. David Thompson

    David Thompson New Member

    Dumog counters and takedowns

    I had the honor of being GT Nene's demonstration partner for groundfighting. He is impressive. He let me choose the attack and could counter without hesitation. I am a big guy but he had no problem escaping any hold or lock I applied. He would smile and say again. I thought a sleeper hold was damn tough to get out of but he did it with no effort. It's easy!! The reversals of takedowns were all business. GM applied them slowly or they surely would have broken my neck.
  13. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hi David,

    It has been a pleasure working with you and Sifu David since day one earlier this year. I hope to see you guys in October the day before the ISU seminar so we can cover more Dumog and Herada, my personal favorites.

    God Bless and welcome to the team, Mike
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  14. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello everyone!

    Don't forget GT Nene will be doing Dumog demo's(on John) at the Nagasulong Championships October 12th at the Midway Kodenkan in Chicago.

    See you all there! Mike
  15. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    I forgot about that....

    Hello Everyone,
    Mike.........I forgot about the fact that GT Tortal will be demonstrating and teaching (possibly it is a side effect of hitting the floor too many times). So I hope all will come out and see this amazing stuff for themselve as I cannot type a description worthy of the technique.

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  16. NubreedKaliSilat

    NubreedKaliSilat New Member

    Hand flow drills

    I love the hand flow drills! They have been apart of my training from day one. And my fav, is that thumb throw backwards. I have the two seminars on video/changed to dvd when he came to Utah and Wyoming. Anyone want to trade seminar vids with me?
  17. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Of course I would Ben, I just sent my vintage video footage of GT Nene to Steve down in FL to copy. When I get it back I will send it off to you and Keith. My favorite aspect of the emty hand is that it is 99% the same as the knife.

    God Bless, Mike
  18. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    By the way,

    We will be having an "invitation only" Dumog & Herada camp for instructor only up at John and Hose's place(Midway Kodenkan) in '09', Hope to see you there Ben.

    God Bless, Mike
  19. Buwaya

    Buwaya Senior Member

    What's Herada?
  20. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello Buwaya,

    " Herada " means to switch, from one side to the other. Most but not all, are inside to outside movements allowing you to end up beside or behind your opponent(s). Most Herada techniques are used in Corto, with a few in Medio range. Herada covers all levels, high , medium and low, but most of these switching techniques are in the lower levels. On one or both knees, deep kneeling and even on your back. A newstudents first exposure to Herada will be found in the 8 vs. 6 punyo Contrada, then with the 8 vs. 6 Pakal and Sak-sak Contradas with daga's. The more advanced Heradas involve switching with your ground work. To defend against ankle cuts, wich I am sad to say that most people do not bother to train since it is so hard to defend against. But we have a small handful of people here in the states that are bound and determined to preserve and documents it. So I use the term "Herada" to refer to the ground fighting techniques and other lower level attacks.

    God Bless, Mike

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