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Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by R. Mike Snow, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas Brothers and Sisters,

    Grand Tuhon Jerson "Nene" Tortal Sr. has made the Pacific Island Gathering and
    Tournament, October 10th & 11th, 2009 in Chicago, IL, "MANDATORY" to "ALL"
    current Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas instructors and apprentices residing in North
    America and the surrounding US territories. October 10th there will be a
    seminar instructed by Grand Tuhon in which he will be personally be accessing
    the progression and maintainability of each individual instructor or apprentice
    to ensure the preservation and propagation of the family system. On October
    11th, all instructors and apprentices will be obligated to participate in at
    least one of the blade oriented competitions. Grand Tuhon and I have donated an
    authentic Talibong from Negros for the tournament. Grand Tuhon will be
    presenting the Talibong to the "Top Dog", or overall winner on the tournament.
    This notice will be posted on Grand Tuhon's website, www.dtskali.com and if
    anyone has any questions, details or needs any other information pertaining to
    the P.I.G., please contact Grand Tuhon at his personal email address:


    ,Guru John: john.bednarski@...

    or my self: dtskali1@...

    We will carpool, share motel rooms and help each other out the best we can and do
    whatever possible to help, so that we can all come together to meet, share, continue to learn and grow together and compete out of respect
    and admiration for our Grand Tuhon and the combat system he has most generously
    shared with us.

    Thank you and may God bless, Mike
  2. NAGA

    NAGA Member


    Hello All,
    If you cannot make it you need to email myself or Mike with your plausable excuse. Other than that, this year is going too be fantastic, so I will be posting soon the video of rules and the instructor list for Saturdays seminar series and it is going too be a great one......

  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Keeping everyone on track--seems like a good idea!
  4. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

  5. Kali Cowboy

    Kali Cowboy New Member

    U tube!

    For us people who do not have access to youtube, can you please place a link here or on motion box?
  6. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member



    This should help you out Stephen!
  7. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge


    The new DTS shirts are in. I am really thankful that everyone likes the shirts this year. We have received many compliments on them. All the Sandata on the shirts are from actual photos using the simulated process to show the detail of each piece. All the blade are from Negros and Panay radiating from the DTS logo and laid over the colors of the Church. I set the Ilonggo Kris at the top to show respect to our Malay ancestry and the three styles of Ginunting, traditional, transitional and modern are the to represent the foundation of our system. A THICK, HEAVY, CHISELED EDGE SWORD. As you can see, none of them are fluted and the Lugod is used out of respect for the Ilonggo culture instead of the now commonly used Karambits. Everything you need can be found at home if you just pay attention.

    God Bless, Mike
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  8. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Just viewed the rules videos again.. Can you say HOT DAMN, and here I am stuck on the other side of the world again.. Missing the fun is getting old, damn life on a tropical island..

  9. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Missing ya Bill!

    Hello Bill,
    Duho!?! I was really hoping for some more Reston system action, particularly at the tournament. Nevertheless, no worries Bill I know for a fact at some point I will see you. So cheers and hopefully GM will possibly make it too Guam!!

  10. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    The Karibou and the fly.

    Hello All,
    One day a Karibou was out grazing in the field when a fly landed on his horn. The fly proclaimed loudly after landing "I am now taller, bigger and stronger than you"! The Karibou barley took notice when the fly spouted off again "Look how much bigger and majestic I am than you"! Finally the karibou shook his head and the fly was flung off his horn and the fly came too its senses..... This parable from the Philipines answers the question why a tournament. Sometimes we all need a friendly reality check as too where we are and hope to be going.

  11. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    New PIG Video!

    Hello All,
    A quick little video showing Grand Tuhon Tortal in action as well as Dr. V. Ing, myself and the awe inspiring humor of Guro Keith Wetoskey. So will you be there????


  12. Ingtar

    Ingtar New Member

    About the guy shown doing empty hand drills right after Maestro Nene, is he doing FMA or is it Wing Chun?
  13. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Still at the PIG right now, it was a "full house" today, literally. The seminar series was packed. The last of them left just a deww minutes ago. We're all beat.

    The gentleman you are asking about on the YouTube clip id Dr. Ing performing Wing Chun. Took my first lesson ever today, IU like it. Not good at it, but I like it.

    We have so many blades for the Sandata show that I am not really sure where we are going to diplay them all. Mushtaq, Navadisha and I are staying here tonight, got'ta babysit all those antiques.

    Finally got to see the PIG shirts too. To be honest, I thought they would be just another shirt. BUT! They are really cool, Everyone is complimanting them and they sold about half of them today.

    Theresa Ortega came up with GT Nene and I and thankfully she did. She has been a tremendous help with the PIG and DTS stuff.

    We went into Chinatown tonight for dinner. We filled up three gigantic round tablees and the turntable in the canter of each table was loaded with mo0re than a half dozen types of food. We all wobbled out to the cars and got together for some more meet & greet afterward.

    We are cstarting at 10am sharp and the "Top Dog" Talibvong is all shined up, ready to go..............

    God bless, Mike
  14. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Sounds like a basket full of fun.. Glad to see that things are coming out better than expected.. It takes a little emphasis to get over the bull stuff that comes out with the politics of an organization that makes people run for the hills when people start getting over inflated egos of self importance..

    It boils down to this, if you ain't the lead dog, the view really sucks
  15. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Thanks for the update!
  16. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Update and appointments at the PIG

    Hello All,
    Grandmaster Jerson "Nene" Tortal at this years P.I.G. handed out suprise appointments and rank promotions. In all humbleness I will not discuss mine. Nevertheless, to help the DTS orginization Datu/Grandmaster Tim Hartman has been appointed to the position of Administrative/orginizational consultant. Mr. Hartman was asked personally by Grandmaster Tortal to do this and he has humbly taken this position to help.

  17. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Congratulations to Datu Hartman and everyone else that was promoted! [​IMG]
  18. Sabraxas

    Sabraxas New Member

    Hello all,

    Here are two fights representing DTS. I hope you enjoy.


  19. arnisador

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  20. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Yes, I'll sure 2nd that! Carlos and Bill both did a fantastic job representing DTS and GT should be bursting with pride at their display of his legacy (and John as their instructor).
    I mentioned half-joking to John that whatever their current rank, they earned the next one with their performances.

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