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  1. robertlk808

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    Does the Derobio System have any drills that are similar other types of drills like Sumbrada? Do you guys perhaps add any different tweaks to the drills to emphasize what is taught in the derobio system?
  2. Mchief

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    Hi Robert
    We do practice Sumbrada, Abecidario. Doce Teros offensive and defensive moves left hand and right hand. All in conjunction with our four corners footwork that allows us to move outside quickly. We have a lot of repetive drills both with garrotte and mano mano. There is an excercise we do called basic 3 that allows us to attack the wrist and elbow in a defensive/offensive figure 8 movement. The garrotte is used and also the hands. This can be done in a two person drill or a multiple attack situation.
  3. robertlk808

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    Sweet, thanks for answering MChief, havent seen you around in a while. I was trying to think of some questions to get people posting.

    Do you guys plan on making on some kind of instructional videos?
  4. Mchief

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    At present no videos are available. I do have quite a bit of in house videos taken during training, demo's and promotions but they are not for distribution.
  5. Rapier

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    Hi,Master chief, Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Just wated to say that the bolo drill & the double bolo drill that GGM Pedoy tought was a little like sombrada, but using sharp bolos using the pass blocks instead of alacontra. That allowed a little more freedom when done with doubles.
  6. arnisador

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    Sharp bolos in sumbrada? Ouch! You must do it a little bit differently than we do!

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