Dr. Gyi Bando Cane Seminar Oct 13, 2007

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    Dr. Gyi (Bando Grand Master) Will be teaching a seminar featuring Bando concepts applied to the walking cane. This is the self defense tool of the new millennium! A hand held instrument that can be taken anywhere you feel it is needed. In addition to it’s combat applications Dr. Gyi will also go over techniques that can be used to extract injured comrades from dangerous environments. And no Bando seminar can be complete without learning how our cane can be used in various yoga exercises.

    Seminar Information:

    Time: Noon - 5:00pm

    Horizon Martial Arts,
    280 Center Rd. West Seneca (Buffalo) NY 14224
    For more information contact:
    Datu Tim Hartman at
    716-675-0899 or admin@horizonma.com

    $75 by October 1st
    $90 after October 1st

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  2. James Miller

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    This weekend Horizon Martial Arts played host to Bando Grand Master Dr. Maung Gyi. The topic of the seminar was walking cane for self defense. There were six schools in attendance 4 coming from Canada. On Sunday Dr Gyi taught a private clinic for Datu Hartman and Guro Harris. At the end of the training Gyi promote Harris to instructor and Hartman to master instructor in Dhot (Bando Stick Fighting). I will post some pics in a day or two.
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    Congradulations Datu and Guru.

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