Double Stick Progression

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    Old thread taken out of it`s grave, I know.. However I was wondering if anybody has a video of the Dirty Dozen drill as described here by now?

  2. We have all learned different things and then written them down in a way that explains them to ourselves.

    I often read other peoples descriptions (their versions, of course) of what I do almost every class, but because it is someone else's words and descriptions, I have no idea until they walk me through it and then it all makes sense.

    I know this drill and yet I cannot follow the description as written.

    The Dirty Dozen can be loosely described as the Double Stick Abecedario, with adjustments due to variations done with single stick that would not exist in a double stick environment.
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    Hi Folks,

    Some fun tidbits about the dirty dozen. Leo told me the name came from one of his favorite movies, "The Dirty Dozen."


    The witik portions of the exercise are great workers of the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulders (and were developed years before working the rotator cuffs became the "in" thing in sports medicine.)

    I used to have a short clip of my version of the exercises on my YouTube channel, but have since pulled that in favor of a longer version available from my website:

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    Tuhon Gelinas; Thanks for your reply! I to find it quite hard to understand when others have described the moves in writing, sometimes after seminars I even find it hard to understand what I ment in my own notes. Therefor a video would be of great value!

    Tuhon McGrath; Thanks for your reply as well! After hearing where the name came from I actually got out and bought the movie. Enjoyed it quite alot really!
    I do have both the DVD you are selling, and remember the video you had on your youtubechannel as well. I go through the drill a couple times every week and like it quite alot.

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