Double Batson,Espada Daga,Pangamut/Mano Mano,Dagger-Single,Double,Largo mano.

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  1. long range

    long range New Member

    Dear Balintawak Instructors/Students.

    Please would it possible to gain any information on Balintawak's applications of the Double stick in Fighting and not coordination drills.Are there any Espada Daga,Mano Mano,Single & Double Dagger training covered in the curriculum?

    Also,does Balintawak cover any Largo Mano material other than meet the force-follow the force on the opponents arm or weapon?

    If Largo Mano is not covered in the curriculum/training methods,how does a Balintawak Practioner defend from Largo Mano Attacks if he can't close the gap?

    My best to all,
    Long Range.
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  2. Mono

    Mono Member

    Hi Long Range,

    Its Kind of a Tricky question here...

    I guess you will find man different answers to it since there is Not THE Balintawak - there are so man different lineages out there by now that you probably wont find One single answer.
    Only Thing you will probably find is, that the Main emphasis of Training is placed on solo baston, corto linear. All Other Aspekts you mention depend on the lineages and individual Instruktors teaching.

    Speaking for myself and "my" Balintawak (wich i mainly learned from gm 'Nick' Elizar but is Extended and influenced through experiencing and Training with Other Masters, Grandmasters, Instruktors and Students from Teovels, Taboada, Tabimina, Moncal, Atillo etc. as well) i can Tell you that we include double Stick Applications to the Drills, Mano-mano, Punta y daga, daga, Largo mano and especialy "closing the Gap" techniques / methods in our Training.
    Only aspekt you mention wich i have Not yet Seen with any Balintawak lineages is the double dagger...

    I Hope this helps...

    Philipp "Mono" Wolf

    P.S. I guess it would Be rather hard to try and describe Technical Applications so i wont try ;)
  3. long range

    long range New Member

    Hi Philipp,

    Thank you for your reply.

    please would it be possible to let me know what are the main diffrances within the other Balintawk systems that you have trained compared to the Balintawak that you study from GM Nick?

    Longe Range.
  4. Mono

    Mono Member

    Hi Long Range,

    I d say the main differences are within personal preferences of each Instructor based on their pysique, previous Training, fighting experiences or even other styles trained...

    When it comes to "differences" I would have to admit that I ve seen/experienced about as many personal individualitys comparing GM Nicks Balintawak to - just to name an example - GM Taboadas as I have to GM Nicks Sons Norman and Niel.

    To me, its all Balintawak and I try to absorb whatever works for me from the varoius sources I can get in Touch with.
    A lot of my entrys for example are based on stuff I ve lerarned from the Moncal lineage, my Punta y Daga is more from Teovels, some of my "finishing techniques" have quite a taboadaish influence and when it comes to attitude and mindset i ve taken a lot out of my training with GM Tabimina...
    I could go on and on but with most things its is also very difficult to actually link it to one specific Instructor or lineage - since most aspekts are covered from / by most Instructors - so what I do ends up beeing a "blend" of all of the sources I ve learned from, joined together and adjusted to fit my personal needs...
  5. Robert Klampfer

    Robert Klampfer New Member

    Balintawak is a single-stick system that is best used at medium and close range.

  6. griff

    griff New Member

    As a note of interest, an older version of the Marine corps manual (issued in boot camp in 1968) had a close combat chapter, which had sections on bayonet, boxing, and grappling/judo stuff. The first thing it dealt with was bayonet. Obviously, a knife on the end of a rifle gives you a lot of reach. It stated that the footwork and strikes of bayonet fighting were based on boxing, which was also included in the manual. So, even though you had a much longer weapon, the basic footwork and strikes were similar. If you had to take a longer step to reach your target, well, you just stepped.. No special techniques needed.
    Just thought you might be interested as I know you have an interest in boxing as well as Balintawak.
  7. guillermo taboada

    guillermo taboada New Member

    Thank you

    hello griff,

    thanks for your support on coming to my seminar in phoenix arizona last month. I just want you to know that i will be going to have seminar in san francisco on the first week of february at hayes martial arts academy. This is including a testing for balintawak qualified instructor.guro shawn hayes kajukenbu and guro john soriano from seattle washington an aikido instructor with chris strelleu for his completion of the art. I will let you know the dates soon. Thank you.

    Gm bobby taboada

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