Double Baston 12 attacks

Discussion in 'Pekiti-Tirsia Kali' started by astenroo, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Oh boy,
    You can tell that spring time has started thawing out the lurkers.. It seems we had a similar conversation between PTK and DTS last spring this time.. I hope this conversation doesn't get to the point that developed with the one I referenced in the sentence above.. Arnisador and Carol, stop the tirade before it gets worse, Please
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    So you call it "upper 8" because...?
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    Dear PTI Forum Members,

    I can understand were Dino is coming from. Psychologically I was in the same place he was when I was a young man, ie. Tuhon Gaje can do no wrong. The Pekiti-Tirsia system is the best martial art in the world. It’s techniques are magic and would turn me into superman. Back in those days I was just as dogmatic in my defense of Tuhon Gaje and Pekiti-Tirsia as Dino is now. I’m sure Tuhon Gaje has looked Dino straight in the eye and told him that he was being taught the “complete and original Pekiti-Tirsia system”. What Dino fails to realize is that many years ago Tuhon Gaje looked me straight in the eye and said exactly those same things to me. I know there is no point in arguing with Dino now because I understand where he is coming from. I thought exactly like he did when I was young and no amount of debate on the subject would have affected my belief in the least.

    Folks, let’s get back to a reasoned discussion of techniques and drop the political arguments once and for all.

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    Very well stated.

    Salamat Po...
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    I am confused. In particular by "The system of mathmatics could not exist without the correct understanding between the word and its action, so too should be the standard for a real weapons combat system."


    All are additon just different syntax. but the processing is different. Could you elaborate your comment and how it relates?
  6. Bob Hubbard

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    You left off i=1;++i; :D
  7. Rich Parsons

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    Bob, I only went with old style Paper and Pencil mathematics. And the different approaches that were later used for calculators as well. The old HP's used RPN. 1,1,+,=2

    I did not want to get into all the variations of syntax in the 10 or so languages I have written code in.

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