Dos puntas and Dulo dulo Seminar in Pleasanton CA

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    Hi everybody!

    We are conducting a workshop on Dos puntas and Dulo dulo at Pleasanton CA. As taught to us by GM Ernesto Presas Sr. Please don't hesitate to join this workshop. Please support this workshop. Here are the details. Thank you.

    Saturday, April 1, 2006
    Dos Puntas and Dulo dulo workshop
    By Guro Alex Ercia of Kombatan/Modern Arnis.

    @ The Club One Fitness Center
    4460 Hacienda Drive
    Pleasanton CA
    For more details call Lorie Montgomery
    (925) 734-6384.
    Equipment needed: An open mind, Comfortable clothes, a pair of sticks and a palmstick.

    Fees: $50.00 for non members of IPMAF
    $35.00 for IPMAF members
  2. To All: Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? How about in actual close quarters combat? One thing is certain. A pen is a lot handier to tote around than a sword; and it's perfectly legal! Whether you're a martial artist or not, using the principles/techniques of dulo-dulo, you can turn your pen into a formidable self-defense weapon. Suggest you attend this seminar if you don't already have Dos Puntas and Dulo-Dulo in your arsenal.
  3. I've had a bunch of beautiful, fancy, carved dulo-dulo made from exotic hardwoods to solid horn; but I've given them all way because I like them and figure the recipients would like them too. The one dulo-dulo I will always have, until I actually lose it, is a heavy Cross pen that one of my students, Edward Miguel, gave me. It has a rotating mechanism and is actually pointed on both ends. The other good thing about it is it's always with me, from planes to courtrooms, and nobody gives it a second thought. (smile)

    Our Dos Puntas / Dulo-Dulo workshop was well-attended and went really well. Thank you, Alex Ercia! The feeling of "drinking from a fire hose" was still there for some as we went from what-if to what-if; but everybody went home satisfied because as we went from dos puntas to dulo-dulo/pen to emptyhand, the same concepts principles and general
    technique were evident all the way through. Can you imagine that? Alex Ercia got people to do the same thing over and over again for four solid hours and they loved it! (smile)

    For next month's workshop, we will go from a weapon as short as a pen to something as long as a staff. In fact, it is the staff. Only, in Kombatan, we call it "Bankaw". Again, although these workshops are intended as advanced training for our Kombatan instructors here in the SF Bay Area, everyone is welcome to participate. Beginners are especially encouraged to attend, because there will be plenty of instructors to help them!

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