Dog Brothers Seminar - February 23rd & 24th!

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    CPAMMA "Guard Dog's Den" - State College, PA

    Don’t miss the opportunity to train with the “Guiding Force” of the Dog Brothers Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny!

    The Dog Brothers, well known for their "Real Contact Stickfighting" (turned down by the UFC as "just too extreme"), have given the martial arts world the ability to observe real fights, at real speed, with real power in a plethora of different scenarios and fighting environments.

    Through the “Gathering of the Pack” Guro Crafty has bred a martial art that blends an extremely effective combo of the Filipino Martial Arts with other arts such as Muay Thai / Krabi-Krabong, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Silat, along with many other various systems which has given (DBMA) the ability to be applicable to any and all martial artists dedicated to empty hand fighting and/or weapons fighting.

    This seminar will consist of a well rounded overview of DBMA including stickfighting, self-defense, knife defense (the "Die Less Often" material) and the extremely popular “Kali-Tudo™” which is the DBMA's injection of Kali Silat into MMA/NHB fighting while minimizing ring sport techniques that are unsound for 360 degree street applications.

    If you are looking to drastically improve your fighting skills, regardless of if it is in the ring, cage, for street defense, or any other arena we strongly recommend taking this seminar. No experience required! We will have Dog Brothers DVD’s, merchandise along with Durattan™ sticks & staffs for sale!




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