Dog Brothers Fall 2007 Gathering

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  1. ryangruhn

    ryangruhn New Member

    I'll be fighting at this one!


    A Howl of Greeting:

    The rhythm of the seasons is with us and its time for the "Fall Dog Brothers
    Gathering of the Pack". On behalf of the Council of Elders of the Dog
    Brothers, Dog Brothers Inc. hereby cordially invites all people of good
    spirit to its "Dog Brothers Fall Gathering of the Pack" at 11:00 AM on
    Sunday, November 18, 2007 and are pleased to announce that thanks to the
    graciousness of Original Productions it will be held at the same location as
    the June DB Gathering and set up in similar manner (including lights and

    Original Productions warehouse (a.k.a. the set for Monster Garage)

    2435 N. Naomi Street

    Burbank. CA 91504-3232

    The Magic Words:

    The MAGIC WORDS: "No judges, no referees, no trophies. One rule only: Be
    friends at the end of the day. This means our goal is that no one spends the
    night in the hospital. Our goal is that everyone leaves with the IQ with
    which they came. No suing no one for no reason for nothing no how no
    way!Real Contact Stickfighting is Dangerous and only you are responsible for
    you, so protect yourself at all times. All copyright belongs to Dog Brothers
    Inc. CA law applies."


    For example, sticks, and fights for that matter, may go flying into the
    crowd. Parents should consider things like this in deciding whether a child
    is old enough to bring along and/or deciding on from where to observe the
    event. If a stick or a fight comes careening your way know that the fight
    has right of way-- it is on you to get out of the way! If you are sitting
    in or near the front row, we will not make fun of you if you wear protective

    God we trust, everyone else, NO DUAL PURPOSE CAMERAS. If you see someone
    cheating, please let us know.

    We will continue starting the knife fights with a handshake and the knives
    undrawn and analogous ideas. Concerning the knife fighting, there is a
    relevant thread at
    "Shocknife" has promised us a couple of its newest model electric knives and
    so it looks like we will be able to have electric knife vs. electric knife
    fights. Perhaps this will help induce more realistic behavior during the
    knife fights!

    Again we encourage you to fight knife versus stick-- the stick versus
    electric knife is always exciting. Stick vs. knife has been one of perennial
    questions of the FMA, so let's continue the research! Also, please feel free
    to hide a knife on your person and surprise your opponent with it during the
    stickfights. Remember that you may fight with weapons other than a stick if
    you can find someone willing to go against you. Please consider staff,
    double stick, and anything else. In order to more deeply explore certain
    variables, fighters may agree to "no grappling" rules. In staff fights, the
    fighters may wear wrestling type ear guards under the fencing masks.

    Last time many fighters misssed watching many of the fights as they were
    waiting their turn and so we are going to try an innovation from the Swiss
    Gathering last month-- the Dance Card. This will allow each fighter to sign
    up and see how many fights are ahead of his (her) fight so he watch fights
    until it is time for him to gear up and be ready when called.

    There is a thread for fighters at and one for more
    general Gathering related matters at:

    As always, there is no charge for fighters but FIGHTERS MUST PRE-REGISTER,
    even if they have fought before. WE WILL BE RUTHLESS ON THIS! The Fighter's
    Registration form can be found on the website and MUST be filled out whether
    you have fought before or not. For all Fighter Registration matters, please
    contact Cindy at 310-540-6853. You are not registered
    until your name appears on the list of registered fighters on the website!!!

    The Adventure continues!!!

    "Higher Consciousness through Harder Contact" (c)

    Crafty Dog
    Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers
    President/Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts
  2. Whew,

    I just registered to fight in next week's Dog Brothers Gathering!...

    i feel that i'm not too ready... my grappling skills are lacking, although my brother and sister are training me as much as possible, and am trying to work my stick skills as well... much different from our sword based skills... definitely not as subtle as sword...

    man, i'm getting a bit nervous.. eh, i'm goin in with the mentality of testing where i'm at now, and where i need to go...

    but man, i'm thinkin too much!...

    those of you who've fought in full contact stick DB style have any friendly advice?

    Crazy Capt.
  3. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Dont worry about it bro, just go, relax and have a good time fighting. This past June was my first time too, it was a lot of fun. Everybody there is really nice and have good energy. Dont worry about pain, youll be too amped up to feel it until the next day. Just let the training take over and youll do fine!
  4. Dagadiablo

    Dagadiablo New Member

    Just always revert your BASICS! As for the grappling, you can always agree to "no grappling" rules if you want to keep the concept "blade". Good luck!
  5. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello Ryan,

    Do you gentleman ever have any Gatherings in my neck of the woods?

    IN, IL, KY

    Thanks, Mike
  6. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    The Dog Brother gatherings are always held in the LA area, well... they have them in Bern which is in Switzerland, I think.
  7. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Thanks for your quick reply Robert. As fast as both of our oganazations are growing, I am sure it is only a metter of time before you guys have a group out here. And hopefully next year I'll be able to head out to the LA area.


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