Does anyone train with a whip?

Discussion in 'General' started by Carol, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Late in reply, but as for the LyD whip, I've not tried it, but it's on my list of whips to pick up, and soon. At that price for a kangaroo whip made by one of the best, it's as steal. I do have a 9' Kingdom of the Crystal Skull pattern whip being made for me as I type this. I really look forward to it. And yes, I'll post clips. My whip collection can be seen here:
    As for if a whip is a viable weapon, I'll let Anthony answer that. Enjoy the clip, and watch right around the 3:00 mark.
    In my art of Hapkido I'm beginning to see training applications for the whip, for both our rope techniques and our short stick ones, in a single weapon. Food for thought if nothing else. Guru Meadows book is also on my list of things to pick up soon.
    Remember, it's never the tool, it's the user of the tool that makes all the difference.
    Support your local whipster!
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    Wanted to update. My 10' KotCS as arrived and it is amazing! Can't wait for the snow to go away. I've also picked up Guru Meadows book, and a 4' 12-plait kangaroo whip for use in LyD type techniques. I'll get some more info ready as it happens.
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    I have some old footage of Eric Knaus fighting a guy with a whip. He fought a long whip (seemed like at least 12 foot) and a short 6 foot whip. Each time Eric would stay just out of range and close the gap as the whip recoiled or the whippers timing changed. It is truly amazing footage, old Dog Brothers stuff. The whip guy was trying to take Eric's head off, they were not play acting.

    I don't use a whip but I do have a timing drill where a staff is swung at you, and as it whizzes by your head you close the gap! Its not for every body.

    God Bless,
    Guro Stephen
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    The gentleman Eric Knaus was fighting in that footage was Tom Meadows. If you search old posts of the eskrimadigest you can read Meadows first hand account of both matches, the 6 ft and the 12ft.

    They had a gentlemen's agreement to stop the match if Knaus broke range, due to the weapon disparity in Medio and Corto. Especially against a fighter of Knaus caliber.
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    And that was the foundation of Latigo y Daga, the dagger as a second weapon if your enemy breaks range :D I can't wait to start experimenting with the short whip. Should be here by Saturday :D
    Also two of my whips are now up on ebay. PM if interested. (Can I do that?)
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    Just got my 12-plait, 4' kangaroo hide whip, much in the line of what Guru Meadows recomomends for a fighting whip. And holy cow, much of what I knew is now out the window. Getting it lined up is tough as the action is sooo fast. I'm used to being able to lay the whip out, on the ground or in the air, and in this case it's all happening to fast! I'm having to go around twice to get the alignment right. It is amazingly accurate, this will be one of my performance whips for cuts and the like. It'll wrap decently too, which is a pleasent suprise. I'll keep you up to date with my training.
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    Back from the dead! Anthony Delongis, the whip coach for Batman Returns, The Rundown and Indy IV recently had an article in black belt magazine where he demonstrates the medium range length whip as a weapon. Check it out if you haven't and this video as well!
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    In Hawaii the only known bull whip master has been Snookie Sanchez.
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    San Miguel Eskrima latigo

    Panto Flores recently sent me this picture of a latigo that he made. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, please PM me.



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    I don't think that link will work!
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    I've just seen this thread! I'll respond to the original post as to "does anyone train w/ a whip?"

    I have done some "messing around" with it nothing very severe. A good buddy of mine, many know of him Guru Mike Casto and I have explored this pretty extensively. I have purchased one such whip (latigo) from Sayoc website, also an old traditional type bull whip. I've found i like the reg bull whip to be an easier tool/weapon to maneuver.

    Again, truthfully it's a fun weapon to play with but to me very impractical and as quick as i was interested in it when playing with it, it burned out and i put it in the bag w/ the rest of my toys and have not touched it since.. LOL.. guess im pretty much a plain ol stick and knife guy.. keep it simple...LOL
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    Yepp ..but the wife get's mad when I take it from her.....LOL....
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    I can't see the picture--it thinks it's a link to a Hotmail account?

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