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    How many forms does Doce Pares have within its system?
    Do all 3 branches have sayaws in their curriculum?

    And what is the purpose for the set sayaws?
    Is it to extrapolate combinations? Just get a feel for twirling the stick?
  2. monkey

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    Doce Pares

    How ever!It was the time Cacoye woukd work out on
    the tires & the privates I had & filmed that are realy-
    loosening!You can not be stiff if he locks you up!You will break!
    You can not be predictable or time delayed!
    We did some regular obineko's ect!
    The time was loose setting & to be very relaxed!
  3. Pat OMalley

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    Well that would really depend on which branch you went to, but generally speaking there are 12 sayaw culminating in the last which is known as the San Miguel Sayaw. the hardest of all.

    They are there to teach you proper body mechanics, footwork, angling, striking and combinations as well as throwing (shown mainly in Sayaw 10).

    The are also there to show the individual styles of the founding Masters. Plus it is a dam good way to train if you have no training partner.

    Best regards

  4. I agree, sayaw are an excelent way to train when you have no training partner. They also help develop familiarity of weapon movement and the interaction between upper and lower body (i.e. footwork). They also help teach positional awareness.

    There are quite a large number of different forms being taught within the Doce Pares fraternity, I have seen many different versions of the same forms. And I have been told (though I am not going to divulge any names) that many of the current 'masters' / 'grandmasters' did not learn all the forms or, in some cases forgot parts of them, so made up their own bits to fill in the gaps. (especially the San Miguel Form)..... Which as you quite rightly point out is quite complex.

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