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    Thanks for sharing these clips!
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    Have a look at frangkoy's comments on that page.

    There's always someone.:nixweiss:
  4. Thats Doce Pares Multi-Style. Frans has now resigned from that organisation and has affiliated himself (wisely) to GM Cacoy Canete. Now he can start doing the real thing...
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    Isn't switching to Eskrido from Multi-style a fairly big change? Eskrido has so many JMA-derived locks!
  6. Sure does. As GM Cacoy points out Eskrido is Eskrima, Judo & Ju-Jitsu intigrated. However, Eskrido is just one component of the Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima, Eskrido, Pangamot System.

    Joint locking, throwing etc is itegral to FMA. GM Cacoy's Eskrido does exactly what FMA are famous for.... intigrating and using whatever is useful in combat.

    The change from Multi-Style to GM Cacoys System is a big change. And not that many people have actually taken the time to learn it correctly.

    From my own experience of training here in the Philippines under GM Cacoy and with his most senior students there have been many developments to the system over even the past years. I can guarantee that there is stuff being done here that isn't being done anywhere else (especially within the DP world).

    Over the 11 years I have been coming back and forth I have witnessed many western eskrima practitionners come here to train with GM. The problem is.... they don't study for long enough to truly understand the system. Heck, I have been training directly with him for 11 years and I still don't get some of the stuff he does. But we do have a very strong and systamatic approach to the essence of what GM Cacoy's System represents.

    I hope Frans comes back and continues to learn from GM Cacoy and Master John Mac (Headquarters Chief Instructor). This is the only way he, or anyone else can claim to teach the Cacoy Doce Pares System. Use of the name is not enough and four weeks training does not represent any depth of knowledge within the System.

    Again, I have seen many come to Cebu and attend a few classes a week at the HQ. Then they return to their home lands and set up schools using GM Cacoys name..... the problem is.... they are not teaching what he does.... why?.... because they have not trained long enough with him to fully understand the System. Sure, they get a few locks and throws. But thats about all they get.

    I have not witnessed a single person (outside of those who train with GM Cacoy on an on-going and regular basis) come here and be able to apply, in sparring the techniques and skills that are common place here. Not one single person.
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    Well, think you´re right with that! Think to really understand and apply the Cacoy Doce Pares in sparring takes a very long time and even more training. For sure it´s easy to demonstrate single takedowns, throws etc. from static positions, but that´s not the idea of the system. For me it´s constantly attacking, redirecting the opponents stick and flow into a lock or throw, if you get countered or blocked, this will lead to another lock, throw, strike etc.

    But that´s hard to describe, you really need to feel this as a dummy on the receiving end of GM Cacoy´s stick.

    It´s a live time journey and it´s not done with one or two seminars where you "get the idea" of it.
  8. You seem to have a good grasp of the systems concepts Salurian, I agree entirely, The CDP System is very much a tactile art where good tactile sensitivity has to be mastered in order to apply the skills in live time sparring.

    Seminar training with GM is a great way to witness the art in action by its creator but the only way to trully grasp it is to train directly with him over a period of years, not just days/weeks.
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    I agree. It´s awesome to see GM on a seminar using his stick and live hand independently as they both would have a own brain. That´s another aspect in CDP which I really like, the constant use of the live hand. In some other systems it isn´t used that much. Unfortunally GM lives to far away from me to go for a regular training with him.
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    thanks for posting these clips they are truely awesome. definetly marked it as one my favorites in youtube.
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    Yes, more such clips are always welcome!
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    Here you are, some new clips. Its the total DVD of Frans Stroeven togheter with Marcel van Dongen. The dvd is shooted in Cebu, and a nice detail is that is was broadcasted on the television in Cebu. The dvd is called: The Deadly Art Of Eskrima Stickfighting.

    I know that there is a knife dvd also, maybe that will be later online

    part 1:

    part 2:

    part 3:

    Enjoy watching
    Greetings dp19
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    Knife defense:
    Carin Doce Pares Eskrima:
    GM. Val:
    Cacoy Doce Pares:
    Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima (Pinuti):

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