Doce Methodos 5 - Tirsia Corto

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    Hi everyone, this is the fifth out of 12 Threads for a detailed Discussion on the Doce Methodos of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali System I have started.

    I hope these Threads will help beginners as well as long time Instructors in their understanding of the Techniques, Conceps and Principals of the Doce Methodos.

    For a start I will - once again - just put some Information about the Method and some questions you can use as a guiding Idea for your own Post and Reply – to anyone who has other Thoughts and/or Questions, I am looking forward to read them…

    Lets keep going…
    This is the Information about the Tirsia Corto taken from
    -Close Range Quartering-Bridging the Gap
    -Five (5) Attacks Form and Drills
    -Break-In/Break-Out Form and Drills

    Is this the way you have been taught/are learning or teaching?
    Do you know the Drills/Techniques/Forms above?
    How do they work / Can you describe it/them?
    How do you Train/Teach them?
    What do you think (have you learned) is the “Essence” of this Method?
    How do you Train, this Method (how often, which Drills etc.)?
    How did you Learn this Method?
    Who taught it to you?
    What (other) Drills and Techniques do you use to Train / Teach this Method?

    What else do you know or want to tell all of us about this Method?
    Etc. etc. ect.

    I am very much looking forward to your answers!

    Some additional Information from me:
    The “Five (5) Attacks Form and Drills” (Limang Sugod) can be found as Techniques 32 to 36 in the “64-Attacks”. (Striking Pattern: 1-2-3-4; other: 1-2-3-2)
    The “Break-In/Break-Out Form and Drills” (Pasok Lo'ob - Pasok Labas) is the Techniques 37 to 43 in the “64-Attacks”. (Pattern: 1Fluid-4Broken-2Fluid)
    (A Video of the “64-Attacks” can be found at it is named “Abecedario Form”)

    More Info from me to come soon…

    Still I hope you will all contribute to this Thread – I am very much looking forward to it!

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    Break- In Break Out..

    Does anyone know the details on the Break-In break-Out drill..

    I learned this drill in montreal from Tuhon Gelinas.

    What are some of the Intermedate ways to use it?

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