Doce Methodos 1 – Abecedario (Solo Baston)

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    Great explanation!

  2. SuperToe

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    Who is your teacher In Pt Kali Danny?

    Ive Only been instructed to use shift stances when striking.

    But I think you're targets are little off!

    I was told the double grip goes between the eyes!
    and 12 was a strike to between the eyes and dagger to the groin! (I had no dagger)

    Maybe Ill redo my clip!
  3. SuperToe

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    The use of side step are more in the Mcgrath Side.
  4. Mono

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    Thats true...

    And by the way - Talking about "Targets"... The "Bridge of the Nose" is located between the Eyes ;) so much to that :)

    I know there used to be a Videoclip of McGrath Showing 1-12 and naming the Target; unfortunately I was unable to find it again on the web and this forum does not alow me to upload it here.

    (@SuperToe: Maybe you want to upload it on your Youtube account!? I can e-mail it to you I you like (just PM me your e-mail Adress...)

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    And where do you have your nose??? (I am not asking where you put it ;) )Mine is between my eyes ;)Well, anyways... as far as I know (might be wrong through some translation Problem) the "Bridge of the Nose" is the uppermost Portion of the Nose where the "Os Nasale" (Nasal Bone) goes over into the "Os Frontale" (the Forehead)...Mono
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    Neat..Its good enough for me!!
  8. mosplat

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    hey guys, sorry i wasn't so clear earlier.

    i meant that supertoe should be aware he is throwing them horizontally.
    that may be the way he's been taught;
    i've been taught to throw them diagonally in the abcedario
    and horizontally in another drill set.

    also, in normal practice i do the form walking forward.
    but also in short and other footwork patterns.

    the #6 as i've been taught isn't vertically downwards,
    but diagonally from the opponents right shoulder down to his left foot.

  9. Danny T

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    I have had the honor and pleasure to train under and with several different PT people since 1989 Stephen Young, Omar Hakim, Tim Waid, Tuhon Bill McGrath, and GT Gaje. I have worked the abcedario with all of them and with but very few variations it is the same with them all. The greater percentage of my training has been with McGrath.

    The #12 strike in the first set the live hand strike is the same as having a daga. With a daga in sak-sak the thrust is to behind the testicles. When doing this strike without a daga the movement and target is the same only with an open hand. One of the principles behind the movements of abcedario is they integrate through out all of the weapon categories.
    single stick (sword)
    espada y daga
    de mano

    The targets are struck based upon vertical targets are struck horizontally, and horizontal targets are struck vertically. Any target can be struck diagonally. Thrusts are performed in a manner which drives the weapon upward or downward into the body and not straight forward. By driving into the body this way a greater portion of the body is damaged by the weapon. Also with a downward thrust a greater amount of force is drive into the body driving is down rather than back. As you learn and work the other sets as well as the de mono versions you will see how the movements and transitions integrate.

    As to the #6 strike; cavicle to toe. The strike can be to either left or right toe all depending upon on which lead the opponent is in. Also the cavicle is a horizontal target therefore struck vertically. With a blade the diagonal strike works well due to the blade having the ability to slice through the body with a stick however the greater damage can be created by striking vertically through the cavicle breaking it. Striking diagonally it is possible to glance off the bone or body and not cause a great amt of damage. Therefore based upon the weapn the strikes can vary slightly.

  10. mosplat

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    this is very useful and insightful information;
    thanks danny!
  11. SuperToe

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    Very Interesting!!

    Danny is Mcgrath your current teacher??
  12. Danny T

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    I tend to think of Tuhon McGrath as a very good friend and mentor. He is and will for a long time continue to be an excellent guide and instructor for me. My current teacher is myself and my students. Myself because it is the getting into the gym and working the material, drilling, and sparring which teaches me. It is the passing on the material to my students which makes me have to understand deeply what are the motions and why they are used.

    The following is an article I had one of my students write on the Abcedario. It is an excellent article on what one can learn within the Abcedario. Linda has been training with me for approx 6 years.
    Hope you enjoy it.

    Danny T

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