Doce Methodos 1 – Abecedario (Solo Baston)

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  1. Mono

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    Hi everyone, this is the first out of 12 Threads for a detailed Discussion on the Doce Methodos of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali System I am about to start.

    I hope these Threads will help beginners as well as long time Instructors in their understanding of the Techniques, Conceps and Principals of the Doce Methodos.

    For a start I will just put some Information about the Method and some questions you can use as a guiding Idea for your own Post and Reply – to anyone who has other Thoughts and/or Questions, I am looking forward to read them…

    Lets get going…
    This is the Information about the Abecedario taken from
    Multiple Attacks 1-6
    Abecedario – Basic Twelve (12) Attacks Form

    Abecedario Completo

    Is this the way you have been taught/are learning or teaching?
    Do you know the Drills/Techniques/Forms above?
    How do they work / Can you describe it/them?
    How do you Train/Teach them?
    What do you think (have you learned) is the “Essence” of this Method?
    How do you Train, this Method (how often, which Drills etc.)?
    How did you Learn this Method?
    Who taught it to you?
    What (other) Drills and Techniques do you use to Train / Teach this Method?

    What else do you know or want to tell all of us about this Method?
    Etc. etc. ect.

    I am very much looking forward to your answers!

    Some Additional Information about the Abecedario:

    The Basic twelve Attacks Form is the same as the beginning of the “64-Attacks”.
    (A Video of the “64-Attacks” can be found at it is named “Abecedario Form”)

    The Targets/Techniques are:
    1Horizontal Strike to the left ear
    2Horizontal Strike to the right ear
    3Horizontal Strike to the left Ribbs/Elbow
    4Horizontal Strike to the right Ribbs/Elbow
    5Thrist to the Prostate Gland/Stommach/Center
    6Diagonal downward Strike to the right Collar Bone, down to the left Foot
    7Strike to the left knee
    8Straight/Horizontal thrust to the right lung or throat
    9Thrust diagonally downward to the left side of the Neck/Lung
    10Strike vertically down to the Crown of the head (holding the Weapon with both hands)
    11Thrust to the Face holding the Stick on both ends
    12Repeat Thrust to the Face, Stab to the Groin/Bladder w. left Hand

    The Abecedario Completo consists of these 12 Basic Targets attacked by 12 different ways of holding your weapon – making a total of 144 Strikes:
    1 Set of 12 Basic (#1 to #12 in the 64 attacks)
    2 Set of 12 (Reverse)
    3 Set of 12 (Double Force)
    4 Set of 12 (Reverse Double Force)
    5 Set of 12 (Reverse Grip)
    6 Set of 12 (Reverse Reverse Grip)
    7 Set of 12 (Punjo)
    8 Set of 12 (Reverse Punjo)
    9 Set of 12 (Hooking)
    10 Set of 12 (Reverse Hooking)
    11 Set of 12 (Bayonet)
    12 Set of 12 (Reverse Bayonet)

    Multiple Attacks 1-6: Sorry, I am not familiar with this Term – I might know the drill/Techniques… maybe someone else can give some Information about thisone!?

    I am looking forward to any corrections and additions – and by the way, sorry for any spelling errors etc. (I am not a native speaker ;) )…

  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    One thing I like about Dekiti Tirsia Siradas is that they too really emphasize using their 12 basic strikes in forward grip, reverse grip, two-handed grip, hooking style, punyo, etc. We have that same concept in Modern Arnis but with much less emphasis on practicing hitting each angle with every style.

    Some of these strikes would also vary slightly for stick (impact) vs. sword (cutting) that idea built into these drills, or elsewhere?
  3. mosplat

    mosplat Junior Member

    great subject.

    i try to practice my abcedario every day if possible.
    a strong foundation of basics makes smoother progression to higher levels.

    when practicing my abcedario i am also practicing footwork.
    -male and female triangles
    -stepping forward and stepping backwards
    -stepping left and stepping right
    -box pattern

    in response to the hitting and cutting question,
    you can practice the abcedario with hitting strikes and slices as well.
    i sometimes practice my abcedario in a slashing manner that follows up the slashes with thrusts.
    (imagine a number 1 transitioning to a number 8 type of thrust.)

    in response to the multiple attacks question,
    i have learned a drill called multiple attacks that goes as follows:

    -a number 2 strike
    -rides the opponents stick downwards to strike his stick-hand
    -to a stomach level hooking cut to your left
    -to payong
    -to a number 34 uppercut type slash
    -to 3 number 2 strikes
    -imagine striking a number of targets with these strikes
    -like face, neck, tricep. or neck, tricep, elbow. whatever you like.
    -to an ensunkete (or just sunkete? i forget)
    -in any case it is a face level hook to your right (palm facing up)
    -while cross-stepping backwards
    -this strike targets the facial area

    this flows to the next multiple attacks drill that is similar:

    -a number 1 strike
    -rides the opponents stick downwards to strike his stick-hand
    -to a stomach level hooking cut to your right
    -to a payong the other way around
    -to a number 35 uppercut type slash
    -to 3 number 1 strikes
    -to a sunkete (or an ensunkete? i forget...)
    -in any case it is a face level hook to your left (palm facing down)
    -while cross-stepping backwards

    i hope someone finds my post useful in some way or another..

  4. Mono

    Mono Member

    Thanks a Lot...
    I will have a look at your descriptions and play around with them - if I get Stuck I will ask again :)

    Hope to hear mor in all the Threads! We need posts like thisone :) :)

    Thanks again!
  5. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member


    Ive only learned the 1 set of abecdarios!

    The 2nd set is suppoed to be the reverse!

    So Does that mean I do the strikes from set 1 backward?

    any help on this?
  6. Mono

    Mono Member

    Reverse means you strike the Opposite Side:

    1Horizontal Strike to the right ear
    2Horizontal Strike to the left ear

    3Horizontal Strike to the right Ribbs/Elbow
    4Horizontal Strike to the left Ribbs/Elbow
    5Thrust to the Prostate Gland/Plexus/Stommach/Center
    6Diagonal downward Strike to the left Collar Bone, down to the right Foot
    7Strike to the right knee
    8Straight/Horizontal thrust to the left lung or throat
    9Thrust diagonally downward to the right side of the Neck/Lung
    10Strike vertically up to the Groin
    11Thrust to the Balder holding the Stick on both ends
    12Repeat Thrust to the Blader, Stab to the Face w. left Hand

    Note: Keep the Stick in your right Hand, Reverse your Footwork!

    Hope that helps...

  7. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member


    Thanks for that material..

    Its little confusing to practice but I think ill get it!
  8. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

    Ive tried but Cant get a few of the last strikes...Or they dont seems right.

    Any video clips?
  9. Mono

    Mono Member

    Which ones?

    I dont know of any web clips for that... sorry! Maybe I can give a more detailed explanation...
  10. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

    I dont think im getting 5, and 9-12 correct.

  11. Danny T

    Danny T New Member

    Abcedario Rerverse set #2 movements 5, 9-12

    Reverse set #5 Rt foot forward Squat down and do a low backhand thrust angling upward through the bladder and over your rt shoulder.

    #9 is a back hand thrust to the solarplexus followed with a punyo strike if parried. Weapon will now be chambered over rt shoulder.
    #10 bring weapon hand to your solarplexus while sidestepping and turning to your left. Weapon will be pointed straight toward opponent. Turn back right while driving weapon upward from groin to head stepping forward with left foot. You will now be facing toward the right. Follow up with a upward driving palm strike to opponent's jaw.
    #11. Still facing right grip weapon with left hand and circle back and downward (can be a parry later) weapon will end up in front of you with a hand on either end at hips continue moving weapon forward thrusting into the groin.
    #12. Still facing right circle upward and then back and downward like 11 again thrusting into groin with only the weapon hand on weapon. Left hand finger jab to eyes.

    Hope this helps

  12. Mono

    Mono Member

    Thanks - you were faster than me ;) !
    Probably could not have done it better anyways...

  13. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

  14. mosplat

    mosplat Junior Member

    nice video.
    just be aware that you're throwing the first 4 shots horizontally.
  15. blindside

    blindside student

    Are you saying that he IS throwing them horizontally, or he should be throwing them horizontally?

  16. Mono

    Mono Member

    As far as I know, they are supposed to be horizontally...
    (I guess the "problem" is that lots of Schools might teach the 5-Attack/Subsystem first, then the 1-5 prbably gets mixed up with the Abecedario..., well at least I ve had that problem prior to learning and understanding more of the Progression and Methods of PTK ;) )
  17. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

    That is Set 1 Strike 1 to 12.

    Taught to me by Tuhon Gelinas!
  18. Mono

    Mono Member

    I know :)
  19. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

    have any of you, got threw all 12 sets ??
  20. Danny T

    Danny T New Member

    Abcedario set 1

    Be aware of all your movements. 1 thru 4 should be with sidestepping and striking completely through the opponent and a with a complete streching arm "before chambering the weapon. (It is the exact same movement as though you would be striking with the punyo to the ear or ribs and the opponent ranged back to prevent the punyo strike. Your follow through would be the tip of the weapon striking the target.

    #5 is to the prostate gland so you must squat down and get under the groin.

    #6 is a vertical down with the dropping of the body weight to drive the weapon down through the body

    7-9 look good

    #10 is a whipping with the side of the weapon (witik) then an umbrella as you step around the weapon followed up with a vertical down strike with a dropping of the weight into a full squat (feet flat on the floor)

    #11 double grip strike into the bridge of the nose driving 45deg downward
    #12 same as 11 but single grip live hand strike driving upward into the groin at a 45deg angle striking with the base of the thumb (like a vertical gununting)

    Not bad over all.


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