Do you carry a blade on a regular basis?

Discussion in 'General' started by Carol, Oct 26, 2006.


Do you carry a blade regularly?

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  1. adam t babb

    adam t babb New Member

    lets see i carry a gun i carry a couple of knives now i need a asp
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Heh, sounds like you need more hands!
  3. adam t babb

    adam t babb New Member

    i forgot the pepper spray and taser !!
  4. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Man, you're either a LEO or Batman!
  5. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    I carry a cheap folder. I have carried knives off and on ever since my brother was stabbed out in front of the Midtown (a bar) in Emporium. Before I got the folder I carried a $20 balisong, but I lost that one in one of my many moves around State College. The folder was its replacement and it's never out of my pocket. I didn't always carry the balisong because I wasn't sure if it was a legal carry. Now I've found out that they are, so I want to get a new one.

    I'm confident enough that I can kick some ass without a weapon, however if an attacker has a knife I'd like to have one too. My folder is big enough closed to have a punyo, so opening it wouldn't even be absolutely necessary. A metal punyo hurts plenty.
  6. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    Balisongs are great.I have picked up some really nice ones in Manila,although it is not something the system I train in is generally associated with.
    I agree with you that the punyo on many folders is a great initial strike weapon.I use a carabao horn palm stick,which is very formidable as a striking weapon.
    Yep,if someone pulls a blade on me I would feel a weapon is essential,or highly desired in order to end the confrontation.I would also try to get away from the attacker if at all possible,i.e. leg it.
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  7. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    He can't be Batman, no reference to the Batarangs or to the Batmobile yet.. I am a LEO and even I don't carry batarangs, although sometimes our patrol units get decked out with equipment that would envy the Batmobile..:apc:
  8. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    A few years back GM Pallen said he was developing a balisong curriculum. He was showing some stuff to a couple of us during a break at a seminar in Philly, but I haven't seen or heard anything about it since.
  9. kabaroan

    kabaroan Kabaroan

    Picked up a new daily carry tool...Chris Reeves Sebenza (L)...wooo hooo!
  10. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    Yeah, a knife fight wouldn't be a whole lot of fun, and it would definitely be pretty low on my list of things to do. I really don't like the idea of bleeding, especially not bleeding to death...

    But, if I were cornered or otherwise couldn't get away without lethal force, my knife would be out and I'd make sure to survive by whatever means necessary. I really hope that never happens, though. Actually, my brother was apparently very calm when he got stabbed. He wrestled the guy to the ground and held him there til the ambulence and police got there. I don't know how he didn't lose his cool! You should see the scar across his chest; the guy had the knife icepick grip and stuck it right into my bro's heart plate and raked it across.
  11. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    I'm sure it'd be fairly easy to adapt our concepts to the balisong. It's a knife you can twirl! Well, it's a bit different from twirling a stick or long knife, but you know what I mean. The potential for freestyle and overwhelming with counter attack after counter attack are there. I'd really like to get GMP's input on it. I believe he'd call it a "Lihok?"
  12. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    You're thinking of the kerambit. The balisong is the "butterfly knife".
  13. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander Junior Member

    I used to love the Balisong.
    I still do,but god frikken forbid if you carry one in the UK.

    Back in high school, I was the first kid to have a butterfly knife....
    WAY back in the 80's!

    But one thing I learned was;when someone else had one,and he pulled it out on me, of course you got all the "amazing" twirling when they opened it....
    Thats when I hit him :coolyello
  14. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Balisong knives are fun to play with but god forbid you ever used one as there reputation is not very good. Still they are fun to work with. [​IMG]
  15. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    I know how to work a balisong but I just don't care for them. In my practical mindset all I need to do is flip it open once and have at it, no need for twirls, spins, flips , etcetc...simple and effective is more my way.

    Give me a good old K-Bar any day of the week.
  16. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    I believe Batangas is home of the balisong.
    Often car axels are used to make them,in the Philippines.
  17. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    Haha this very scenario happens in the newest Punisher movie, the one from like 2005 or 2006.
  18. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    Oops! I'm still learning all the names and alternate names for the multitudes of different knives in FMA.....

    I know balisong is "butterfly knife." That's what I've been talking about. I was just confused about "lihok" as I thought it was another name for balisong. Now that you've corrected me, I realize that I'm an idiot and the balisong knife is named after Barrio Balisong, in Batangas, Philippines.
  19. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    Car axels? Really? How?
  20. tellner

    tellner New Member

    Actually, Europe is probably the home of the butterfly knife. Knives like that were popular centuries ago. The smart money bets that they traveled to the PI with or slightly after the conquerors. Locals picked up the design and ran with it.

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