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    I wanted to let everyone know of a FMA tournament we will be sponsoring this coming February. The tournament is being organized by the United States Filipino Martial Arts Organization and will be part of theDISNEYLAND® Martial Arts Festival” in Anaheim, Ca.

    On a side note, this event should be a great opportunity for FMA as a whole. The festival will be featuring tournaments within several martial arts disciplines. For many of the competitors and spectators, it will be their first glimpse into FMA. Lastly, you can’t get much better then Disney® to market the event.

    Here are the details:

    Link to Website: http://www.usfmaf.org/

    02/03/07 - 02/04/07
    DISNEYLAND® Martial Arts Festival
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    Since this post, I’ve received several inquiries asking if we will be selling product at the event. The answer is yes and no. Although we will not have a booth at the event, we will be bringing extra product to sell at discounted rates.

    $35.00 per unit. When you consider no shipping charges, it's about a $20.00 - $25.00 savings per unit.

    We will have limited quantities, so if you are interested please email me. Half of what we are bringing has already been spoken for.
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    Datu Hartman just got back from this event. He has given us some mixed reviews about the event. He did compete and finished with two silvers and a gold!

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    I hiope we'll hear more about his experiences there!
  5. Apollo

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    Found the results

    Timothy Hartman
    Single Stick Advance Forms MENS

    Tim Hartman
    Double Stick Padded Point Mens over 30

    Tim Hartman
    Double Stick Padded Point Mens over 30

    Sounds like it was a good event.
    full list of winners is below.

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  6. langgaw

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    Congratulations Tim, did the attendees come from different groups? It is good to know the event was a success.
  7. Datu Tim Hartman

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    I’m in Atlanta composing this post killing time before my flight. I will have to make comments from memory, seeing that I don’t have internet access at this time. If I misspell someone’s name, I must apologize in advance. Langgaw, I would say that there is a difference between being successful at an event and the event being successful.

    My day went like this:

    The FMA section of the tournament started about an hour late. This is the norm in the tournament world, but for people who had to leave early, it caused problems. If there were a lot of competitors I could understand, but out of the 200 - 300 that I was promised, only 20 attended. There were two children, two teens and the rest were adults.

    We started with forms. There were a total of four of us doing forms. After we finished our performances, there was a two way tie for first between Guro Chaz and me. I felt that he did a better sayow than I did, so I approached the judges and told them that I would take second place instead of running a tie breaker.

    From forms we went into single stick fighting. In the 40 and over division, it was Punong-Guro Jon Cuenca and me in the gold medal match. Jon and I had a great match. He scored the first point. We went back and forth on scoring points and finished with me winning the match. I’m looking forward to visiting Jon in Las Vegas this July!

    After that, I finished with double stick fighting. This is not my specialty, but I thought it would be fun to try. As in the previous gold medal match, the points went back and forth. This is where things got a little weird. The center referee (Darren Tibon’s son) kept getting in my way during that match. I had to ask him twice to get out of my way. After that Darren Tibon took over as center referee. Following the ref change, my opponent dropped his stick for the third time. I was under the impression that dropping your stick that many times in the same match would result in a DQ, but seeing that the center ref was the president of the USFMAF, I figured that he knew the rules better than I. The match ended with me taking the silver, but after talking to another official, I was told that three stick drops do result in a DQ. I didn’t care that much, seeing that I did what I wanted in the earlier events. If it would have happened to one of my students, I would have been very upset.

    Now for the hard part, how would I rate the weekend? For me, it was a very productive trip with the majority of my experiences having nothing to do with the tournament. How was the tournament? As far as the results go, I would give them an A. As far as how well the tournament was run, I would give them a D.

    I was promised 200-300 fighters, there were around 20. Had I brought my team in many cases we would have traveled across country to fight ourselves. This was billed to be the be-all, end-all FMA tournament. The state qualifier that I run, in my opinion, is still at the local tournament level, yet the last two years we have still averaged over 80 competitors. And even though we had such few numbers, the FMA events were the last to finish at the Disneyland tournament. If we had half the numbers that they promised, the event would have run until at least midnight. There were many administrative issues that could have easily been worked out if people had done their homework. I was also informed that this was only the second tournament this group has hosted. I would think that they would have tried to get more experience before taking on an endeavor such as this. What really upsets me is that this was a golden opportunity for FMA to shine in a mixed martial arts environment and instead, in my opinion, it fell flat on its face. Everyone who attended this event qualified for Nationals in Orlando. I can’t see myself participating at this event with the possibility for me being the only one in my division. And even though I run a successful school, I hate wasting time and money on things like this. Hopefully this bloody nose can be a wake up call for the USFMAF.
  8. langgaw

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    I started reading your post with interst in good happenings shared in here but I felt sad towards the end. Things like this happens every now and then. Not all events turn out as expected but I think it is how ine handles the situation that makes events more successful than it already is. There are always diffferences in opinion and views and there is an art to dealing with it. You handled things well despite your disappointment. Maybe nest year would be better with suggestions from participants such as yourself. If this was theitr 2nd, then one might expect that it is nota at all close to perfect. I am glad you have this posted for everyone to know and to learn. It is hard to imagine a number in the hundred when only 220 showed up. There must be some problems that may not have been shared...who knows but anyway what's past is past. Good luck to your future endeavors.
  9. greg808

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    Try only 18 fighters showed up not 220.
  10. greg808

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    I arrived at the tournament on Sunday so I did not get to see the turn out for the FMA Seminars. My question is: Did all the Schools listed do a Seminar and if they did, why did'nt their fighters participate on Sundays fights. It would have been a better turn out. Or are there tensions between some of the schools?
  11. langgaw

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    .............sorry for the typo error. (not wearing glasses).It is really a disappointment and considering the distance and time invested, it is rather upsetting. I will try emailing friends over there and find out more stories of the event. I know John Tompson and leo Bane (?) went to the event as well but have not been in contact for a while.. Is it alright if I do this and hear other views in the interest of fairness? If not, it stops here but my point is that it is good to know from direct sources. otherwise we just add this to experience. Best.
  12. I wasn't going to respond to the FMA Talk evaluation of the very first ever Disney-sponsored FMA tournament because I wasn't there (minor medical emergency --Thanks for your kind welcome back, BK) and I've yet to see the videos, however, the "bad news" is spreading like wildfire, so I'm taking steps to put it out:

    1. Yes, we have a rule that essentially says, "three dropped sticks and you're out."; but per PG Darren Tibon, who was watching the fight, then stepped in to replace the referee when one of the competitors complained (another story), two of those three dropped sticks happened after the competitors had stepped out of bounds.

    2. Yes, not many competitors entered. Darren did not let his students compete because he needed them to help run and officiate the tournament --an admirable sacrifice, in my opinion. It also didn't take a long time to accommodate the 18-20 competitors who did enter. With the price structure (you pay one price to compete in as many as three events), there were a total of 105 matches that the USFMAF Team pushed through in good time.

    3. Yes, the first day was a shambles, primarily because registration for the whole (FMA and non-FMA) event was started much later than scheduled. There were still long lines outside the door when the first FMA seminar started and there were no signs posted to indicate where these FMA seminars were taking place (off in a corner).

    But we live, and dare, and learn, and dare again. This opportunity was passing quickly in front of our eyes. If we wanted it, we had to jump quickly, ready or not. We put out a public call to all FMA devotees to join us and some did. If we wanted this badly enough, we had to deliver February, without the luxury of time. We did our best and accomplished what we needed to. Disney will sponsor FMA for the next three years. "Who dares, wins" --motto of the British OSS during WW2.

    Alex(ander Bautista Bayot France)
    Vice President, USFMAF
    Cell: (925) 864-7477
    Website: www.usfmaf.org
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    Administrator Message.

    Let me clarify that FMATalk.com takes no offcial position on this. Mr. Hartman was speaking as a member and not on behalf of the site. Official posts are signed as this one is.
    Good luck!

    -FMAT Admin
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  14. I just posted this on the Escrima Arnis Forum. Might as well post it here too:

    Welcome to this forum (Escrima Arnis), Bob.

    First off, I want to say "THANK YOU" to all FMA list administrators like you at FMA Talk, Adam, over here, and Ray Terry at the Inayan Eskrima Digest. You guys provide a valuable service to the FMA community and end up getting crapped on for trying to stay neutral and enforcing a proper code of conduct for your sites.

    Secondly, you wrote:
    We could go to Adam as an impartial go between, but he's Jerome as well, don't you know. So anything you say, Jerome would say, or Alex would say, as all are one...<<

    I'd like you to know that I am my own man and I walk my own path. Along my path, I may meet other martial art practitioners and walk with them for awhile but I take full responsibility for all my actions and have never masqueraded as another person. That is why I sign my full name in my posts --so that no one else will get the arrows meant for me.

    Everyone knows where to find me if they'd like to meet with me in person. I hide from no one. I have some pictures on the Kombatan website (www.presas.org), but that really wouldn't prove/disprove anything, would it? So if you should ever be in the Greater SF Bay Area, give me a call and let's have that coffee and danish. We'll even cross sticks if you want.

    As far as Tim's evaluation of our (USFMAF's) event, I think it's overblown here (at the Escrima Arnis Forum). I don't begrudge Tim's evaluation. He gave his side and I gave our (USFMAF's) side. Enough said. Time to move on. Thanks for keeping my response posted on your website to balance things over there (FMA Talk).

    I occasionally get heat over here ( Escrima Arnis Forum) for being naive and for not being more ant-Hartman, but like I said, I walk my own path.

    Alex(ander Bautista Bayot France)
    Pamana ng Mandrigma (Warriors Legacy)
    4460 Hacienda Drive, Pleasanton CA 94566
    Cell (925) 86407477
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    If no one tries to put these events on, we'll have nothing left! Thanks to all who make an effort to host an FMA event.
  16. daedolos

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    Honestly, I didn't hear of this until Chaz Siangco visited our school, IMB, the following week of the tournament. If Disney holds another FMA tourney next year on a Saturday, you can count on at least two more fighters to show up. Thanks.


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