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Discussion in 'Sikaran' started by Black Grass, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Black Grass

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    I was wondering of there was difference between the different sikaran 'styles'/organizations. From reading they seem the same, the biakid being the most prominent kick. I have only seen Meliton Geromino's Sikaran and I know they have 'kata'.

    Also I remember talking to Guro Dan Inosanto back in 97 about Sikaran in the Philippines. He seemed to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of sikaran any went on the explain the art to those standing around. At that time many western FMArtist were unaware of Sikaran and incorrectly thought that all FMA kicking was low level kicking (there are still many western FMA players who still think this!).

    Guro Dan went on to say that 'old' Sikaran players used to slap there legs and palms as distraction similar how some silat systems do. Anyone ever hear of this?

  2. arnisador

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    Most of the practitioners seem ultimately to be connected with the well-known 'Geronimo', but Ric Jornales' Sipa-Sikaran seemed to be a bit different from what I know of those lineages.
  3. Sheldon Bedell

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    The Largarejos system has kata that resemble strong Okinawian forms and some flowing Chinese influenced forms as well as forms that are pure of the islands. This system also has a strong emphases on hand work (not just blocking but is heavy on punches and strikes)
    From meeting with some of the students that studied in the islands I could see a much heavier influence of everything other than the kicking aspect.
    I think ranks are much harder to get in this system and takes longer than some others ( i could be wrong) and students comeing into this system from other styles (karate) must start over as white belts and work their way through the ranks. No high rank is ever given to anyone just because they want to become part of the system
  4. AbanicO

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    Despite differences

    "Despite differences, we are all SIKARAN," This year 2006, respect and unity are among the things GM Geronimo asked for all Sikaran Brother's/Sisters inside or outside of the Philippines.
  5. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    I agree we are all Sikaran and brothers in that respect. I also wish that their was more communication between the varrious groups, thats on of the reasons why I have been involved in this and Martialtalk, to try to bring us togeather in friendship and to exchange ideas .
  6. AbanicO

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    Sikaran knockdown shotokan and jiujitsu fighter

    (you can play this clip on real player)
    taken at sunset beach, alkhobar, Saudi arabia
  7. Sheldon Bedell

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    for some reason I can not get this to play anyone else having troubl with it?

    i do wish that more people from all three groups would post, maybe starting threads about funny training incidents, words of wisdom from their teachers, etc.
    I know that the major groups have stayed apart in the past and some have become almost closed door societies, but i would like to see channels opened up for mutual learning an discussions.
    The differences in the teachings seems to be rather large from what I have seen. Kata's in ach system have evolved from different views of the arts and what has been mixed into the original systems
  8. Far Walkers Moon

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    just saw the clip thanks for he lonk

    Th kick resembles what i have seen called a wheel kick in some systems

    No matter what one calls it the kick is powerful

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