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    Apparently there are direct descendants of the Pulahans here in Hawai'i; The Behic family... I just talked to one of them about it cause one of them is a DBMA guy and trains with us...

    He's told me he has gotten the blessings of the Masters of FMA here in Hawai'i and also in the Philippines...

    I am happy for him and his family that he's the bloodline of the legendary Pulahans...

    I know that GGM Pedoy was trained by General Ablen who was a Pulahan leader...

    What do you guys think of what's going on? What are your takes?
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    I hadn't known this term!
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    I don't understand your question. What do we think of what exactly?
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    Yeah, what do you mean.
  5. The Phalanx

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    Since GGM Pedoy was trained under General Ablen who was the leader of the Pulahanes... And there is someone who just found out his family are Pulahanes who are not affiliated with Pedoy's... Although one of the brothers is a former Pedoy instructor...

    What do the Derobio guys think of it? Would you like to see the Descendants of Pulahanes and Pedoy's work together and share knowledge within the groups? Considering they both came from the same Pulahanes roots...

    General Ablen was the leader of the Pulahanes and took GGM Pedoy under his wing before Ablen was executed in 1907 and the Pulahanes have bloodline descendants right here in Hawai'i...

    They share one commonality... Wouldn't it be only fitting if the 2 groups share their knowledge and come together if they haven't already?
  6. StixMaster

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    SURE IT would be nice, so have them get in contact with each other, I mean the Pedoy family has been teaching Derobio escrima since the 60's in public. People in Hawaii knew about the school cause the State of Hawaii recognized GGM Pedoy for his contribution to Hawaii. So I hope they all come together to know each other.
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    Pulajan are still very much alive and active to this day. They aren't a dying tradition that only existed during the American Occupation. Google tadtad cults.
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    Pulahan, literally "those wearing red", refers to the members of a religious movement and warrior cult that developed in the Philippines following the Philippine-American War, around 1902-1907. At its peak, it numbered around 10,000-15,000 adherents. The movement began after the Philippine Constabulary took over patrols in Samar, after the U.S. military declared it pacified.
    Pulahan Combat Prowess
    The weapon of choice was a heavy, crescent-shaped Bolo knife. Their battle preparations consisted of bottles of holy oil, prayer books, consecrated “Anting-Antings” (magical charms), and other religious paraphernalia. Led by priest-warlords; one of these priest is known to be our GGM’s teacher General Faustino Ablen, Pulahan were notorious fighters, usually disregarding better technology (such as firearms), in favor of hand-to-hand fighting using their bolos. The Pulahan sought nothing but death in battle, making them very dangerous combatants and also contributing to their high casualty figures. In seeking death in battle, they believed that those who perished would be sent to paradise. The Pulahan main battle tactic was simply to advance upon the enemy, fire a volley, then throw down their firearms and rush in to the enemy and fight in hand-to-hand combat.
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    Our new found path: Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima Sunday, February 15, 2009
    [​IMG] Our new found path: Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima

    Our new found path…as the New Year (2009) comes upon us we have ventured onto a new journey. Former founders of San Diego Branch of the Pedoy’s School of Escrima, my family and I have parted ways with the PSE Organization in hopes of reinvigorating our passion in the perpetuation of the Filipino and Hawaiian Martial Arts. We have nothing but high hopes and blessings for Grandmaster Tyrone Takahashi, as he takes his vision and path with the PSE Organization. We hope the FMA community provides their continued support as we partake on this journey. ....

    .. ..

    .. ..

    Mahalo Nui Loa and Salamat Po,....

    Tuhon Chaz Siangco....

    Founder of Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima ....[​IMG]

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