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    A few weeks ago I was walking from one building to another at the USAF base where I work, and I noticed a person doing what was clearly Bagua in a field. By the time I reached the spot, going around a wide drainage ditch, he was gone! I keep looking but haven't seen him again.

    Today I was walking toward a different building when I noticed someone on the parade field with rattan sticks. I went over and introduced myself. he was a beginning student of Derobio Escrima (spelled Durobio Escrima on the school's web site, which I assume is a typo). What little I've found on the web associates it with a Braulio Pedoy and indicates it's an old blade-oriented style, possibly descended from Doce Pares.

    I've been invited back to watch the regular Wednesday afternoon class on base. I had heard the name before but no nothing of the style. Can anyone recommend a good web site for more info. on it?
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    Derobio Escrima was founded by my Great Grandfather Braulio Pedoy and is an art of its own origin taught to my grandfather by General Faustino Ablen a rebel leader of the Dios Dios Movement and a major figure of the Pulajan Wars of 1902-1907. Derobio has its origin as a single blade style with open hand emphasizing on manipulating an opponents power and force. The Derobio Escrima lineage lies with my Great Uncle "Batikan" Eduardo Pedoy; my uncle Grandmaster Tyrone Takahashi, and my family: Master Chief Chris Siangco, Regional High Chief Christian Siangco and myself, Regional High Chief Chaz Siangco. There are only a handful of sanctioned instructors under our lineage, who do you know is teaching Derobio? For any inquires of our system please view or . Feel free to contact me personally 619-208-3987 or
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    Thanks! Unfortunately I've since moved, and I missed the instructor while there and now won't see this group again.
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    To me Pedoy/Derobio Eskrima is an Filipino/Hawaiian/American Escrima. The style was brought to Hawaii and taught there with no traces left of Derobio in PH, with only the true bloodline instructors that have helped to preserve this 'family' style. Its great that they now have their own forum from which we all can get a glimpse into this style that is part of Hawaii's rich diverse history.

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