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    It has been mentioned in early posts that Great Grandmaster Pedoy was a healer in Hawaii. I can only assume that he practiced the art of Hilot. Was he an experienced practitioner in the art of Hilot and, if so, did he pass down any of this knowledge? Thanks in advance for your response and I look forward to more of your wisdom being passed down.
    Cityboy Frank
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    Yes he has. GGM. Pedoy gave certain students the special healing oil for hilot ( massage). I have some of this and use it on certain occasions. GGM Pedoy taught us to pray before doing any Hilot and to meditate . This is done on a private basis and only when ask by a student. We have also been given prayers (orascion) that we do on certain occasions. He said anyone can do Hilot, the difference is one need to be called to do it. Because healing actually begins with the spirit. The person recieving need to be believe in the healing power of God and that only He can heal. We are just a conduit for his Healing Spirit. All of the Derobio Instructors are Men of God. Not to get into religion but in Derobio the power to defend yourself and the power to heal comes from up above. Derobio Men do not abuse either.
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    If you don't mind me asking Masterchief, is it generally seen that one must be a worshipper of a particular faith (such as Christianity), or is it enough for one to believe in God, regardless of which particular path that person happens to be on? Not asking to be challenging or judgemental, just curious. :)
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    Nice..I assume those certain students who continue this tradition know how to make oils themselves?
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    In Derobio a man has his own beliefs. A path a person takes is his or her own. All road leads to God. If one truly believes in compassion, mercy and the ability to truly forgive he is blessed. A true Warrior is nothing with out these beliefs, in my humble opinion. Before and after class we pray in silence, each person in their own way giving thanks . Praying that we never use the art, but if we have to use it, do it with compassion, mercy and forgivness. Your question is very relevant and I thank you for it.
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    I can only speak for myself and the answer is Yes.
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    To add to previous post. Students are not taught the receipes or ingredients. Only the highest ranking instructors which are all blood related to GGM Pedoy have access to this information. Batikan Eduardo still have the original bottle of healing oil from GGM Pedoy. I make my own ointment to heal bruises and sore muscles. The last batch fermented for about 10 years before using it. I also have coconut oils combined with different herbs for different healing purposes.
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    Would it really matter if they had GGM Pedoy's recipe/ingredients?

    The way I see it, if a healer uses oils or herbs or compounds, then a healer must know how they will interact with another person's body. Plus healing is very is more up to the healer to develop something that they feel will work with how they heal.

    In addition, many healers believe that they are merely a conduit - healing comes from some kind of external energy. The Derobio healers seem to be no exception, with the belief that healing comes from the Almighty God.

    Therefore, wouldn't it be more important to the healer to develop oils that fit their individual person, their individual style.....rathere than using what was developed for someone else?

    Or am I off base? :)
  9. Mchief

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    No, your are not off base. The foundation of the healing oil is important. We all use the original oil base developed by GGM Pedoy.We than add certain herbs to enhance the healing process. Its an intuitive process. One can experiment with different concoctions and or develop new one through sharing knowledge with others. As for me I use certain herb, ointments that does please my senses. I use it on my self and see where it goes. Again like movement in FMA, ones own path in the healing arts is personal. You ask very intuitive questions. You don't have to follow anyones receipes or ingredients but I do because I personal witnessed miracles with GGM. oils and ointments.
  10. Carol

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    Thank you sir. Its very, very fascinating...all the more so by hearing it from someone who was there and walked with GGM Pedoy. :bow:
  11. Mchief

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    If I may share a story. As a very young boy Gm. Ty Takahashi stepped on a nail and the wound become badly infected. The doctors tried antibiotics to stem the infection but could not stop it. The only alternative was to amputate the leg if the infection spread . His parents than took him to see GGM Pedoy. He scolded them for not bringing the young boy sooner. He went oustside and collected a few plants and herbs and prepared his concoction. He treated the foot everyday for a week. It worked. The infection subsided. The Doctors could not give any explaination for the healing. People came from all over to visit GGM Pedoy. Since my family lived next door I had the opportunity to visit and witness these meetings.
    When my sons were young and became ill my wife and I would bring them first to their grandfather. Most of the time he would treat them and they got well. If not he would tell us to take them to the clinic. GGM. Pedoy knew his limits. A humble warrior and a man of God.
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    I know that I will appreciate experiencing the healing part of Pedoy/Derobio Eskrima. I got an injured left thumb thats going to need MasterChief's touch. The instructors of Derobio teach self defense w/healing (hilot). Its not just about hurting but healing as well.
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    Thats awesome MChief, learning Hilot is another long time goal of mine.
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    Healing Component of FMA

    With all the 'Full contact' tourneys going on now, I feel that the healing portion of GGM Pedoy's Derobio will become more and more apparent as more training injuries occur. How many other styles have this 'hilot' portion of training in their styles. It sure helps to have this kind of knowledge included in your training. Look forward to hear more of the healing blessings that GGM Braulio Pedoy used to help others heal their injuries. Aloha !
  15. Rapier

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    Miracle in a bottle

    Hi to all, I just wanted to tell about the little bottle of healing oil that GGM Pedoy always carried with him and the miracle of the tree. GGM used to always tell us about striving for the 4 levels physical, mental, moral, and spiritual and how many can reach the first 3 but few would be the ones that would reach the fourth. we would always pray before and after class. And I remember him saying after he had given me my own little bottle of oil that I had to pray a lot and mean it. thats when he showed me the tree that had grown inside his bottle of oil. the opening in his bottle was very small to small for the trunk of the tree let alone the branches. But there it was a miracle. A tree floating in oil and it continued to grow. To me this was facinating.
  16. StixMaster

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    This is a great story of the many unique qualities of Pedoy's Derobio Escrima training. We many times fail to address the knowledge of 'Healing' in Martial Arts. I know in 'Kajukenbo' they stress 'mind,body & spirit' so it seems to me that the spiritual component to Pedoy's Derobio is really important to the complete training of an Eskrimador in this style of Hawaii FMA !
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    This reminds me of many Chinese martial arts, where one must know how to heal the damage one causes!
  18. lhommedieu

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    An excellent example would be Tom Bisio's and Frank Butler's Zheng Gu Tui Na courses. There are always a fair number of martial artists from different martial arts taking these classes.

    When Tom was in Cebu studying with Momoy Canete he had the opportunity to observe Momoy practicing bone setting on people with injuries. I have heard him state that he understood in principle what Momoy was doing, but he had not yet studied Chinese medicine intensively, and so missed the chance to really see the connections between hilot and tui na.

    A great introduction to manual medicine is Healing by Hand: Manual Medicine and Bonesetting in a Cross-Cultural Perspective, by Servando Hinojosa. It presents several manual medicine traditions from a cross-cultural perspective, including Chinese tui na and Filipino hilot.


  19. StixMaster

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    Thats why this is a great thread that FMA people should consider. Training will many times produce injuries and one needs to know more then first aid but needs to study like Chinese medicine etc.... Master Chief knows several modalities of promoting healing in the body. He sent me the 'jow' I use to help heal bruises & sprains from 'live' stick training. Healing should be part of the course in martial arts.

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