Denver Tribal Gathering 2012 and Bladed Hand private screening

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    Denver Filipino Martial Arts Festival and private viewing of "The Bladed Hand" documentary
    Sponsored by Kapatiran Mandirigma, Kyno Valles and UTAMA.
    October 13th, 2012

    Everyone is invited, no matter what your skill level or background.
    Guro John Patrone – Vee Arnis Jitsu / DICTATE
    Guro Ben Fajardo - Pekiti Tirsia Kali / Inosanto Blend
    Guro Mike Jennings – FCS (Filipino Combat Systems)
    Kuya Gabe Carboneau – 52 Blocks / Marquina Kali
    Guro Tim Mills - Doce Pares Eskrima
    Guro Johnnie Montecalvo – Bahad Zubu Kali
    GM Shelley Millspaugh – Kombatan Arnis
    Guro Jhun Occidental – Presas Style Arnis
    Guro Brandon Brown - Inayan Eskrima

    ATA Karate Denver
    205 W. Countyline Rd.
    Littleton, CO. 80129

    8am-5pm with an hour lunch.
    Lunch will be provided by the Filipino restaurant, Sunburst Grill.
    Lunch is free of charge to participants.
    Instructors of any art are free if they bring 3 paying students.

    Seminar Cost - $30 for half day, $60 for full day.

    There will also be a display of antique Filipino weapons and historical items.

    Archipelago Sandata will have a table of Filipino and Indonesian weapons for sale.

    All proceeds will go to the Rocky Mountain Fire Relief Fund, the Aurora Victims Fund and to the Canine Candor Animal Shelter.

    The Bladed Hand private screening - October 13th, 2012. 7pm
    In the evening, we are honored to be the host of the private viewing of the Filipino Martial Arts documentary, The Bladed Hand. Jay Ignacio, the creator and producer of the documentary, will be here from the Philippines in person for the viewing. This is a great oppurtunity to be the first to see the documentary with the producer.
    You will only be able to see this documentary at a private viewing. This will be the only viewing in the Rocky Mountain area.

    Movie location:
    Address – 1212 Mariposa St. Denver, Colorado.
    Cost - $15. If you attend the Festival, cost for movie is $5.

    Full cost breakdown:
    Half day seminar - $30
    Full day seminar - $60
    Half day seminar plus movie - $45
    Full day seminar plus movie - $65 ($10 discount on movie)
    Movie only - $15

    For more information, please email
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    One week away!!!
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    Sounds like a good time for all the rocky mountain high rattan slingers.. Good luck to Jay and the rest of the individuals who have made this project possible..

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